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South East Motorcycles (Morabbin)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by ArmyLad, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Took my postie bike to Steve at South East Motorcycles in Moorabin last week and picked it up on Saturday.

    From start to finish, dealing with him was a breeze and I can't reccommend him enough.

    The bike had a stripped primary gear (literally entirerly one half had lost all the teeth!) and with no car i was in a bother to get the bike there. But no worries, Steve offers a pick up and drop off service and so took it off my hands from my place.

    Had a chat before he headed off, and entirely off his own bat explains what he thinks the problem should be, and (this is what really impressed me) offered for me to come in and take a look at the engine myself when he knew for sure what it was. No where else I have dealt with before now has offered this, (although i never asked either) but I'm someone who loved to do most things myself and learn as much as possible, this was a great surprise.

    Communication throughout was great, and the work done was very thorough and proffessional. Steve seems to be very knowlegable and I think he has been in the bussiness for over 25years now.

    I will definately be heading back there when I have my 900 Hornet!

    Website is southeastmotorcycles.com.au
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  2. cool thanks for the recommendation
  3. Your welcome :)

    Incidentally, I had the postie back in there a few days ago. Bike wasn't running and turned out to be as broken jet needle in the carb, so when you gave the wrist a twist nothing happenned. Experience was once again a pleasure, and the job done was top notch. Tuned the carbie up for me while he was at it and the bike is running better than ever!
  4. awesome, I'm needing somewhere local to sort out a couple of things, I'll give this guy a go. Thanks for the reccommendation.
  5. Thanks for the heads up about this wonderful business. Ill share my story and thoughts.
    Needed somewhere close to work, so working in Moorabbin i can ride the bike in, get it worked on and ride home.
    Having a Honda, Steve's Honda experience left me feeling comfortable in the knowledge he had, he then explained his experience over the years and how he had just started out 12 months ago with this new venture.
    I just had some minor works to be done, lowering forks, fitting braided lines and levers.... No issue at all. Steve then said off his own bat, he'd check over the bike and let me know if anything needed further work etc....
    Picked up the bike last night, paid (didnt leave feeling like id left the contents of my wallet there... we all know that feeling!!), chatted about a few additional things to help get the most out of the bike and rode off, my bike felt completely brand new, tipped into corners like never before and was most happy with the entire job.
    Headed back this morning to pick up a few things, chatted more with Steve about upgrades and the follow up he had been doing looking into these.... Thats service!!!!

    Guys, these are the bike mechanics/shops/service we need to keep in business and not let them fall by the wayside like many business do. Steve's excellent customer focus will keep me coming back and i hope many more join me.