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South coast Ride 28.10.07

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Anzac71, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. G'day all, here are some photos I took from todays ride, was great fun and all home safe.

    Can not remember all bike to owners so forgive me if I stuff up.

    Dan chee - Super Blackbird
    Tweet - Super Blackbird
    Anzac71 - Hyosung GT650R (Black)
    Donaldo74 - Hyosung GT650R (Red)
    Soj - ZZR 250
    Rockjob - GPX 250
    lowercase - ER5
    Zippah - CBR250RR
    Darwin - ZX14
    Andu - GS500
    Idontlikemondays - VTR1000 Firestorm



  2. nice pix. thanks for remembering me yarkarhnnnnn!!! :p :p :LOL: :LOL:

    (idontlikemondays, Red Firestorm, still dirty from trip last week and in desperate need of bling!) :LOL:

    Edit: Thankyou kind sir :LOL: :beer:
  3. Nice pics mate, was a pleasure to meet you and the other guys I hadn't met before. Oh, and you too Holly :grin:
  4. Is there something in the air?? :grin:

    Thats all we need, more pics of Dan's Bird!! :LOL: :LOL:
  5. So what time were you bods on Macquarie Pass?? I rode up there around 1:30 I think, and met a few bikes on the way up, and parked amongst 30 cars of all sorts.
  6. I can't believe I had so many bloody bugs all over the bike...

    and I washed it yesterday - spotless...

    ahhh looks like another early start in the morning... To clean it before I go to work....
  7. we only missed ya by an hour, we went through at around 1230.
  8. I see Darwin in there .. I bet nobody overtook him & his rocket.
  9. How much you want to put on that..??? not all of us ride sv1000's doc :p

    I cant talk tho at one point i saw a 250rr out corner i lot of big bikes..
  10. I think I went around the outside of him on Jamberoo way...

    I went up the inside a few times down thru the valley, but it's all in good fun.

    Next time I shall be ruthless.

  11. He's a top rider .. Ive been with him when he gets that thing motoring along.
  12. +1 doc.... he wasnt shy chasing me at $2.00 plus heading back home past the boys in blue... luck has it they were facing the wrong way :cool:
  13. I'm not too proud to say I was overtaken by a 250 on the outside whilst I was cooking the pilot roads.
    The biggest brass ones won that round.
  14. +1 Darwin, seems the small bikes (with the right rider)have a plus over the big bikes, but ill take horses, comfort and stabilty at higher speeds anyday. :cool:

    So far there has been two blokes that can out ride the 250rr, Matchstick and Zippah...

    Notice on pearsons lane the 250 was not in sight.....
    its nice knowing that the 250 runs out of puff at about $1.70, just where im just starting to wind into 3rd :LOL:
  15. also .. gotto have the right build for a small bike!
  16. Yep sure.. Darwin and i saw the fun in it....
  17. Sure as hell aint me!!! :LOL:
  18. I think I'll drop a few psi in the tyres and warm them up properly next time.

    I haven't ridden those roads before, and the bitumen was pretty darn good. I reckon I'd be good for a few more km/h through those corners once I know them better.

    It's really not a fair comparison is it though? I mean, a 250 can stick it up the inside of just about anything, and is manouverable enough to be able to allow you to change lines easily enough.... to go around the outside for some fun :)

    Tis a shame I don't have enough top end to stay pegged...
  19. Awesome pic's, and boy would I have loved to have seen the baby blade go around the 14!! :shock:
  20. hey luke you will get a close enough look when it zips past you....