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South Coast NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by _joel_, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    i am located in Mogo NSW and just wanting to know who is already flying the flag for our area.
    i frequent canberra so i guess its included too.

    i already got a few local mates who i go riding with but you can never have too many on a ride.

  2. Mojo eh! I'll be living down at Bodalla later this/ or early next year.
    My father in law rides down there occasionally (he's in Moruya), he has a Harley (not bought for the image, it's all he can fit his leg on).

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. hey Joel. Mogo's not that far from Wollongong (south), I'd love to slide down there and ride the twisties south of Bateman's Bay again :LOL:

    A couple of us will be heading right through the town in a couple of month's time on the way to Melbourne and the Netrider Dinner, love to meet up with you......
  4. the twisties locally known as the MAD MILE!!
    for sure, gimme a pm closer to the time and i'll suit up

    i actually work for southern asphalters so the roads from wollongong to the border are my office, i (think) i know them like the back'o'my hand
  5. :LOL:

    My brother and myself were driving back from a fishing trip to Tathra one Sunday afternoon and we were passed by Chris Clearihan from Canberra in his De Tomaso Pantera, doing about three times our speed in that stretch! He was gone before we got a chance to blink.

    Sounds like you may be able to teach us a bit about the southern section of the highway :grin:
  6. favorite ride down here,
    merrimbula to bermagui via sapphire coast drive & tathra-bermagui rd, and then up the princes to home
  7. Welcome Aboard Joel !!!
    I'm sure in a couple of years time, You'll become quite a regular contributor.. I know this stuff cause I am psychic .. or is that psycho :?

  8. Just had a look at the map ,and I was 10km away on sunday on the kings hwy ,didn't realise mogo was near Bateman bay :?

    Well I didn't know where the hell I was all day anyway. :LOL:
    Getting used the riding south of the Gong for a change.
  9. Joel? Who? Never heard of him! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. ...and after more than 2 years, i'm still the only one flying the flag in the eurobodalla :(
  11. What does that tell you?
  12. That he is the only Netrider in Eurobodalla shire with a flagpole?

    Regards, Andrew.