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South Coast Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MilkWasABadChoice, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. G'Day all from the 'Gong. Just thought I'd pop through a quick intro. Mature (ish) age noob to riding. Loving it so far. Better late than never I guess. Already found a heap of useful stuff in the forums. Cheers.

  2. Welcome along. What bike did you go for?
  3. welcome aboard mate :]
  4. Ended up getting a ZZR250. Only had 3 1/2 K on the clock. Great fun so far.
  5. Welcome from another Wollongonger
  6. Cheers mate.
  7. Thanks Hornet. Look forward to seeing you out there.
  8. Keep your eyes peeled for a blue VFR-750, it's not a stock colour so it stands out....
  9. What he said!!
  10. Cheers mate.
  11. Good choice! :D
    Keep an eye out for a gumby on a metallic blue one ;)

    What colour is yours?

    (PM if you need the GPZ/ZZR manuals)
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  12. You won't miss me mate... I'll be the tall streak of misery squashed onto a gold ZZR with a massive smile on my face.

    I'll take you up on this manuals as soon as I can work out this PMing thing. Thanks heaps.
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