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South Aussie riders?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by luvmyzed, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. where do you all go for your rides now???

    I was recently in Adelaide for Xmas and both OH & I noticed there were hardly any bikes on the road, particulary when we went for a drive up through Williamstown, Birdwood, Mt Torrens, Lobbie and back through the Chainies.

    I know is was just around Xmas and also noticed that the beige club seems to have crept in with speed limits being dropped to 80km/hr and the "rider friendly" armcos down the Cuddle Ck side of Lobbie Rd ](*,)

    Has this happened all through the bike roads?? Paris Ck, Bull Ck too???

    We both are looking forward to moving back to SA in the next few months and are more than curious to what has happened to the bike scene in Adelaide.......
  2. Yes, they've knocked a lot of hills roads back to 80 which is very frustrating. Bull Creek is still 100 and heaven. Last weekend I did Clarendon to Meadows, Bull Creek, through Nangkita, Mt Compass, Pages Flat, Normanville, Delamere, Victor, back up to Asbourne and Bull Creek.

    I enjoy playing along the range near Mt Pleasant, Tungkillo, Palmer, Sedan way. Anyway near the Barossa still has lots of good back roads with good runs with little enforcement.

    The main pressure is on the popular close to town idiot runs like the Gorge, on weekends. Midweek is still good.
  3. i do very similar runs to what you did... friday befor chrissy that area was PACKED bikes every where in medows, clarendon, Strath and macks.... and paris creek... my nemisis... ill master it 1 day... if it doesnt kill me...
  4. I grew up in SA when all these roads had 110km limits. It's frustraing knowing you used to drive/ride those roads without incident at that speed and now have to it at 80. So I avoid them unless I need to use them.

    Now I live in Peterborough SA, I own a ST1100A and I can sit on 110 on the major roads with all the straights, bends etc between here and Adelaide or I can also go the other way to Hawker and have the same thing through the southern Flinders ranges. I also have within 150 kms, Horrocks Pass, Germein Gorge and Pichi Richi Pass.
  5. What roads around adelaide do you guys suggest?
    I see the places mentioned above, wondering what the best places to go were as im going riding through there next week. You guys got specific roads you use or have any google routes saved etc that you could share?
  6. Bad news for the nice roads around Adelaide. Sunday is the start of the Tour Down Under so watch out for closures.
    Also the once a year cyclists, it's the season for them, they will be out en mass.
  7. Thanks for the heads up! nothing worse than rolling to your favourite bit of turf, for a nice day out....and its blocked all day.
  8. vogstar .... which way are you coming in from and where you going .
  9. all of the places mentioned above are ICON roads. some are in deep south, some are east and a few north.

    i dont have the routes saved ready to go but if you aim for Gorge Rd, payneham, that will be a good start. Also if you can find your way to Windy point, as a starting point, you can go to Clarendon, meadows BULL CREEK road. (best) if you can find you way to meadows bakery. there will ALWAYS be riders there to guide you.

    aim for Greenhill road to get to LOBETHAL for another icon road.
  10. we are lucky in adelaide great roads every where me living south means i hit the south quite a lot... old wilunga hill rd... awesome myponga damn rd... very good, bull creek is amazing, havent done a lot up north... think i will have to give them a go in the next few weeks... if any one is keen for a lil spin hit me up and ill tag along... like getting to know new roads.... :) keep safe..
  11. I'm coming from Leeton and going to melbourne via the coast, Mt Gambier Warrnambool apollo Bay etc.
    Arriving in Adelaide Sunday and leaving Tuesday morning so monday to check out the sites.
    I'll lookup them roads see what I can plan out!
  12. You guys have roads sooo close! We have to ride like 250-300kms for great roads
  13. we sure are lucky... 10 minutes and i am on the windys on the way to clarendon...mmmm sweet