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South and West Gippsland ride suggestions

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by I Adore Vic, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Hi all! I'm in need of suggestions! I'm sick and tired of riding along the same roads in this area.

    I can start by offering my own suggestions. Actually...my suggestions are quite pitiful :( ...I've only just started venturing onto the twistier inland roads.

    Inverloch to Cape Paterson rd.....fun 10km of twisties. 20km of twisites return. 30 km of twisties if you go back again....40kms if yo... :p
    If you're down this way you'd be a fool to skip it. I ride along it to work...and sometimes I ride along it just because it's there and I can. :)

    I find the trip from Inverloch to Cape Paterson is more difficult than Cape to Inv. Watch the 40kph corner...(Is it called a hairpin bend?)...it dares me but I always chicken out and say 'no way' :(

    Wonthaggi to Almurta to Grantville....If you're headed back to the city from this way, this route is a great alternative to the usual Wonthaggi - Dalyston - Kilcunda - Anderson - Bass - Grantville route.

    Head out of Wonthaggi..turn off at the road just after Toyota. Follow along (be warned..keep an eye out for a few nasty potholes) and turn off at the Grantville turn off. Some more twisty roads and then you're at Grantville and back onto the Hwy..or if you're like me you can turn around and do it all again. :LOL:

    Keep an eye open for trucks and school buses.
    The roads do get narrow in places. And like any road, watch the surface. Bumpy in spots. :)

    I found the above to be a great introduction to the twisty roads of Sth Gippsland and will continue to ride along them whenever possible. Great for beginners. :)

    So has anyone else found a great route in Gippsland? If so tell me because I'm in dire need of one.... :rofl: Apologies at my stupid sense of humor. ;)

  2. Um, (as he bites his tongue...).

    Actually, the Korrumburra/Warragul Road's not a bad one. A bit tight in spots, and you have to be wary of farmers, their cattle, etc..

    Traralgon to Yarram's not bad, but dusk/dawn can be fraught with suicidal native wildlife.

    Strezleki Highway between Morwell and Mirboo North is OK in spots. Boolara to Mirboo or Boolara to Mirboo North is also OK. Again, you need to be wary of the locals. Roads are narrow in spots and some parts are unmarked. In winter they can be covered with slimy green stuff where the sun doesn't really hit the road.

    Yarragon-Ellenbank-Korrumburra Road to Poowong, out to Wonthaggi is also another good run.
  3. Korrumbarra/ Warrigal is good...I even enjoyed it in the wet. A great variety of corners, running mainly on a ridgetop. Noticed the Grand Ridge Road starts along somewhere on the way too.
  4. You have no idea how much self control its taking not to bite on this one ;)
  5. How did I miss that :shock:

    Okay, not even going there :rofl:
  6. NR needs a maps and route section.
  7. :rofl: Go on Mike!!! Bite!!!! :p You know you want to! ;) :rofl:


    Thanks for the suggestions everyone....I agree with im.on.it... :)