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sourcing parts

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cOS, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. i read through many post in this particular area. but not many people mention where they buy their parts. is it some sort of conspiracy or you guys do an oil change and the filter magically appear? I am referring to NSW btw.

    any of you guys buy from MCA in parra? all independent shops should be able to source parts for all brands no?

  2. hey mate. i buy from mca in the city. yeah they are fine for replacable items like filters, chains, sprocket, blinkers and all that stuff. but the one in the city at least only really has a lot of parts for harleys. they gave me the incorrect brake pads once, a bit of a pain in the arse, but nothing that couldnt be fixed with an angle grinder.
    are you talking replacables, or major parts off the bike? footpegs and levers you can get from anywhere. but when i dropped my bike i had to get things like the fender, inner fork and axel from the dealer. you can try the wreckers, but quality, availiblty and price and all questionable. often its not much cheaper to get a part from the wrecker.
  3. I get my oil filters from MCAS in the city as well. Have also bought aftermarket indicators and a windscreen from them as well.

    I hope you wore some protective breathing gear when you took an angle grinder to the pads, they contain asbestos...
  4. they were the non asbestos type im pretty sure, i didnt have to touch the pad itself anyway, the metal lip was about 4mm oversize (this was for the rear caliper) so instead of buying new pads for 40 bucks i just trimmed her down. how much did your windscreen cost you? i went down the F3 yesterday, starting to think a screen is worth it ay?