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Sourcing motor scooter CVT drive belts

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ScooterLaMotor, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Im hoping somebody here can help me sourcing a motor scooter CVT drive belt

    The first rule of riding an odd ball is remembering the spare parts supply chain is crappy, whatever you need to order for your bike will take a Chinese fortnight to arrive

    So having a spare everything sitting on your shelf is the smart way to go, I forgot that and now Im off the road till I can find a replacement Kymco motor scooter CVT drive belt part number 23100LCD4E00

    that part number seems to fit a bunch of Kymco motor scooters such as:

    200 People S 05-
    200 Like 09-
    200 Agility R16 10-
    150 Agility R16 08-
    150 Agility 06-07
    150 Movie 06-07
    125 Agility 06-
    125 Agility r16 08-
    125 Agility RS 09-
    125 Like 09-
    125 Move 06-07
    125 People 99-
    125 Super 8 08-

    So if somebody smarter than me has one sitting on their shelf as a spare part, Id love to buy it off you

    Im in Sydney on the North side of the Sydney harbour bridge.

    The scooter is my main form of transport and off the road till I fix it, so if we could meet at a railway station that would be great :)

    Thanks for reading, even if you cant help me, maybe youll learn from my mistake
  2. A quick Google says,

    Scooter Central
    551 Pittwater Rd
    Brookvale NSW 2100
    02 9938 5858

    Bike Biz
    11 Great Western Highway
    Parramatta NSW 2150
    02 8830 0500

  3. Googles awesome!!!

    A less quick telephone call will tell you, no shops carry spare parts, but will happily order one off ebay / their supplier for you.

    This is how Ive come to know the turn of phrase *Chinese fortnight*

    But thanks for trying to help :)
  4. Well that's a bit crap isn't it. Who is the importer?
  5. It is a right bastard!

    Not a problem if you know the odd ball scene, just remember to have some common spare parts on your shelf at home, as you use them order a replacement on a rotating FIFO basis.

    Not really a big deal, but Im sure Im not the first to be shocked that shops dont hold a stock of spare parts, they just order it in as customers need it.

    But if youre off the road, having to take public transport, hoping your Chinese fortnight will match a real one, that first experience of sourcing odd ball spare parts is a bastard!

    This link shows Kymcos Australian importer is mojo motorcycles

    KYMCO | About KYMCO

    out of Altona VIC 3025


    Im used to ordering parts for Toyota stuff, probably the easiest spare parts supply chain there is.
  6. The Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has some good information to read, but oddly, you cant just enter a vehicle brand name in their search box and have it show the licensed importer for Australia :(
  7. So contact them and ask how they can sell products that they don't support with parts for repairs.