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Sourcing a couple of bits for my carbs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ingoes, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. While getting to know my GS500 better, I opened up the carburetors ( I have installed a K and N air filter and was doing the recommended carb adjustment) and managed to lose a couple of springs. Well I lost one (it went springing across the garage and I never found it) and managed to tread on and wreck the other.

    I have contacted a wrecker (Dandenong) and been told that they will not wreck carburetors. I have found a number of overseas sites that allow me to select the parts from an exploded diagram. They want about ten bucks in total for a couple of springs which is exorbitant but fine, but then they want $50 for postage and I'm going to have to be pretty desperate before I pay a total of $60 for a couple of straightforward little springs.

    I explored ReShip and they want 5 bucks to sign up, five bucks per parcel, plus shipping costs of $50 unless I go standard US post which is $10 and may take up to 90 days!!! Still looking at $30-40 minimum for 75 cents worth of springs.

    I can't find an Aussie site that offers the parts.

    Right now the bike is running with springs of approximately the right size/length/stiffness which I cannibalised from a couple of retractable pens on the needles (I switched out the non-missing one as well so they'd be the same), and one carb is running without a piston spring (the big one you encounter first when you open up the carb) at all. Unsurprisingly, though the bike runs fine, the fuel economy is not awesome just at the minute.

    Any ideas on how I can get these bits for a reasonable price?

  2. Try parts sellers in the UK. currently our exchange rate is at a reasonable $1=.65UK pd.
    Currently working on an Aprilia 125, 2 stroke, and UK seems to be 'the land of plenty'.
  3. Thank you for the reply, could you trouble yourself to provide a link or two?

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    With the US, best way to do it is to pad out your order. I usually get a pile of consumables at the same time as parts, that way the postage is 'shared'.
    Most parts I get from UK are from 2 stroke specialists, but 2 minutes of basic googling turned up this to get you started..

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  5. Cheers yeah I did the googling, was looking for a recommendation I guess. Understand that you are dealing with specialists.

    Thanks for doing the googling :)

    Still can't find a way that doesn't involve a 500% postage fee. There's a bloke on the GStwin forum that wrecks gs500s, I've messaged him to see if he can help. Still going to come from the US but for a reasonable postage rate
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    Thinking outside the box for a moment.....

    1] Have seen a good range of springs in some bolt shops in my travels, may be worth a look if you have a sample from another carb to work with.

    2] googling...'metal springs in melbourne'.....turns up this site


    3] For light gauge compression springs......make something from the spring in a clicky biro ??

    4] again for light gauge....most hobby shops ( ie model aeroplane type shops ) have "K & S" metal stands which contain various thicknesses of spring steel wire...wind your own spring to suit
  7. Have you contacted Suzuki and found out what price they want for OEM springs?
    small things like that might not be that pricey for all the headaches of chasing down alternative bits.

    this might help to find part numbers:
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  8. Exactly - just call the spare parts department of your Suzuki dealership. Bolts, washers, springs, o-rings etc. all cost next to nothing new and it's normally the fastest way to get them too.
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  9. Cheers lads
  10. I have one of those brains that can be good at coming up with inventive, unorthodox solutions to complex problems - and at other times needs to have the bleeding obvious pointed out to it.

    I can't remember why I ruled out the local Suzuki dealership -parts too specific and not in demand, or I think I thought that since Mikuni made the carbs, they were Mikuni parts not Suzi parts - something face-palmingly dumb like that.

    The bits have been successfully ordered at local dealer - $16.50 for three small springs is a total joke but in the scheme of things it isn't much money. Should arrive in a couple days.

    Thanks again for assisting a noob gentlemen
  11. Yeah I did 3] - that's what is in my carb now. Looking to get the proper bits in there so Dave doesn't have an extra excuse to ever let me down.

    Proper bits now on the way - thanks again mate
  12. Yeah, "next to nothing" might not have been the best way to put it but I tend to factor in time and effort as well. That is, I happily pay $3.50 for a 50c o-ring if it makes ordering and retrieving it a breeze. Similarly, $17 sounds pretty good if it means you spend half an hour on the issue of getting the parts instead of three hours chasing up wreckers and searching online.
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  13. Update - word from the dealer is that they have the slide spring, but the needle springs are going to be another two weeks, being shipped from Japan!

    Better still cost 'only' $16.50!! Might end up being a bargain...