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Sourcing 16" and 18" skinny tyres

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Donshe, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Not sure if this is the right section so mods please feel free to move.

    Have tried my local shops and had no luck.

    The bike came with the following tyre specs standard.

    Front - 80/100- 16
    Rear - 90/90- 18

    Any help in locating some within Sydney area woul be appreciated
  2. I've heard the wreckers at Eastern creek is meant to be good value, but I can't comment on stock availability.

    Have you asked if anyone can get them in?

    btw Motor Guzzi?
  3. Looks more like 80s sports 125 to me. Those are seriously thin tyres, even by the standards of the time.
  4. I'll get onto MCAS today.

    Have tried a couple of mechanics in my area who said theyd call around but have had no luck.

    Its a 1989 Suzuki RG125

    I can get they tyres in from a UK based site which stocks a lot for this bike but local is always preferred.

    Thanks guys
  5. Thought so :cool:.

    Where did you find one of those over here? Thanks to LAMS and 250 learner laws, 125s are like hen's teeth.
  6. Pretty sure its the only one in the country as far as I know.

    Owned it since new. Imported from Japan to Middle East and then brought over to Aus when I moved here.

    Had 3000kms on it up until we started using it, now on about 6000.

    Unfortunately, still on factory tyres, so need to change that lol.

    Gotten a couple of leads for rear tyre. Need to find a 16" now !

    For those playing at home, shes the one in the middle

  7. Thought of doing a 17" conversion for the front? Early RGV250 might fit. That's if that is 17"
  8. Yes, but then you'd have to change the back as well and compared to the 125, RGV250 wheels are like rollers.

    ISTR the Yam TZR125 had 17" from the get go though, so it might be a better match.