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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Someone posted earlier (in the Metalheads Unite thread) that they're going to Soundwave. I'll be picking up tickets for myself and my daughter in about 10 minutes, and am looking forward to it immensely.

    $160 seems high, but Maiden are headlining, and last time we saw Maiden we paid $150 for them alone. And there's lots of other cool stuff on the bill.

    More detail here at the festival web page: http://www.soundwavefestival.com/lineup

    But highlights for me include Primus, Slash, Rob Zombie, Dimmu Borgir, the Melvins, Ill Nino, Saxon(!!), All That Remains, Rise to Remain and Nonpoint.

    Will be interested to see the Zach de la Rocha-fronted 'One Day As a Lion', and there are a bunch of other bands that might be more Alex's thing but I'll enjoy like Avenged Sevenfold, Sevendust, Bullet for My Valentine and Sum 41.

    Oh yeah, Slayer are playing too. Not a huge fan, but it will complete my Big Four collection. ;)
  2. should be awesome!! cant wait. lol yeah saxon, thats a band i hadnt heard in a little while.
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    Bruce was hitting the high notes like he was still in his 20s when I saw him the other year. The entire band may be getting on in years, but they still play as if they're gonna live forever.

    S1WKYmx4i1Q[/media]]Also, this is very relevant.
  4. Would love to see Tool and Rammstein, but they're literally the only two bands on the whole BDO roster that interest me at all.
  5. that was exactly my reaction to it, but i wouldnt mind seeing airbourne play.

    thats it, other than that it would be a waste of coin
  6. Muse are good live, but I've already seen Muse, Tool & Rammstein at the BDO... Been there done that.

    Mind you, Tool at the BDO in... 08? I think it was is definitely my favorite live band experience of all time, so it might be worth going... I'll see if I have any money when they release the tix I guess.

    Soundwave looks really good, I have a ticket to that & also the No Sleep Till Festival, it's looking good if you like punk/heavier flavored things:

  7. Seem 'em plenty of times, mixed them when they used to be a local band in Warrnambool, I reckon they're a better band at the pub (apart from Joels "climb the rigging & play guitar" stunts)
  8. yeah i missed them when they played at inferno in traralgon mid 08 because i was underage :/

    i thought about getting a ticket for nosleeptill, but i never got around to it. some pretty rad bands playing there too.
  9. No Sleep is kind of an odd mix for me: lots of punk and hardcore ... and then Megadeth.
  10. And GWAR and Katatonia, I guess... but at this point I'm just picking what I like out of a lot I don't: and those 3 bands are nothing like each other either!
  11. I reckon GWAR! should be a hoot to see live, their music's not great though...
  12. I bought BDO tix for Prodigy and Living End alone. It was worth it. As i understand it, Maiden will be doing their own shows as well?
  13. Still very keen indeed, a couple of weeks out. My younger brother is being ordained as an SDA pastor in Lismore on the Saturday morning, and then my daughter and I will jump on the bike straight after church at noon and head to Brisbane for Soundwave. It's about a 2.5 hour ride, so we'll probably miss a few bands that are on early, including Saxon, but hopefully none of the ones we're really going for. She's been listening to some Maiden to gear up for it, and enjoying it.
  14. I'm catching 'Queens of the Stone Age' in a separate concert in Melbourne. Can't wait.
  15. Ill be there with bells on - cant wait to see maiden!
  16. its gonna be so awesome!
  17. Agreed... though i regret not going to just go and see Tool.

    I'll be at Soundwave too with a couple of mates, should be good but i have heard some negative talk about its move to Olypmic Park...
  18. Here's my draft plan, still to be approved by my daughter. We won't make it there until about 2:30.

  19. Nice review and nice blog, Bravus. Feeling a bit envious that you're in the right age/mindset to be able to enjoy these things with your daughter: I'm nearly 40 and no kids on the horizon yet! ;)