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Soundwave 2012: Who's going, who's been, who coudn't care less?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Picked up a ticket last night, should be a great day!

    I will be seeing: Meshuggah, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Slipknot, SOAD, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Bad Religion & The Devin Townsend Project.

    Possibly Coal Chamber, Staind & Limp Bizkit for the flashback to 1999. (Limp Bizkit were supposed to play at the first BDO I went to, but pulled out due to the death of a fan at the Sydney concert :cry:)

    Anyone else worth checking out?

    (Oh, the guitarist in my band plays in another band called The Atiches, go & see em on stage 6B at 11am if you're there that early ;))
  2. I hear Mastodon are going to be there too, should be worth a look.

    No-one else going then?
  3. Of the whole lineup there is only a few i would actually enjoy seeing.. but nah i'm not going, but take heaps of pics and videos and post them especially limp bizkit.
  4. Who would you see if you were going?
  5. Slipknot, limp bizkit, marilyn manson (just cause i reckon it would be interesting), steel panther( cause they're hilarious).

    thats all id be interested in, so it wouldn't be worth the money.
  6. I work on this tour every year (yeah, i'm a glorified roadie) Gotta say that Manson. forget about it unless you want a giggle at a pathetic self proclaimed 'wasted' has been. Slipknot, not a fan by any stretch, but my god, what a show!!! Steel Panther, should have been where Manson is on the bill, probably best by far. Gojira, Meshuggah and some of the bands on stage 4a & 4b are well worth checking out! Oh yeah, SOAD great show, transport ya back in time 10 years, don't miss em!
  7. I like Manson, but he's got nothing on the Dillinger Escape Plan. Those guys will tear shit apart, literally, guaranteed, without missing a note or a beat :)
  8. im gonna be near stage 4a4b most of friday, cant ****ING WAIT
  9. Yeah, stage 4 looks pretty good too.

    Just got a text from a mate, free ticket to Devin Townsend & Meshuggah tonight! (y)

    Hell yeah. (Hell yeah aren't playing tonight BTW)
  10. Did monitors for Hell Yeah and Black Label Society at the Forum sideshow last night, and it's was ****ing mental, Hell Yeah was probably the loudest stage mix I've ever done, Vinnie Paul is a drum god and a hell of a nice guy as well.
    Was going to go see Devin Townsend tonight but a 3 hour arvo nap has made that a little less appealing!
  11. I'll be there with a group of mates.

    Was at SOAD last night, pretty awesome night!!

    Gotta say though, Dillenger Escape Plan (lead up for SOAD)... not a fan at all. But each to his own :)
  12. They are an acquired taste, especially when compared to something straight up like SOAD.

    Meshuggah were mind blowing last night, incredibly tight. Devin Townsend was as well, but I didn't know much of his new stuff.
  13. i went to the one in brissy
    manson was off his head as usual, tryin to get security to snort the coke he'd dabbed on his hand. eventually one of them did...
    kittie were great, for those who don't know, think phil anselmo (pantera) with cleavage.
    alter bridge were awesome
    caught half limp bizkit's set, wes borland is back, so the costumes are just straight up wierd
    couldn't decide between bush or coal chamber, so i saw some of both
    slipknot/SOAD were fan****ingtastic as expected, but by the end i was in agony from standing all day

    overall there were too ****ing many people there.
    2 ticket vendors originally, ticketek sold out in a week, and soundwave themselves sold out after about a month. then on the morning of the fest they released even more tickets, i reckon there would have been 10,000+ people there.
    aside from that, it was awesome for a first timer like me
  14. Yeah fair enough. Im into Bring Me The Horizon, and originally when i listened to their music i was like wtf is this sh!t. An acquired taste, but a fkn awesome one once you got it ;)

    All up was an AWESOME day!! Had a blast as always. Finally my back has recovered... too much standing by the end of the day, haha.
  15. I was going to go, but couldn't justify the expense. Only band i really wanted to see was lost prophets. System were really good though apparently.
  16. I couldn't give a fat rat's clacker, talk about talentless nobodies...
  17. Bit late to the party smee, it was friday :LOL:

    Longing for the days when Maiden & Black Sabbath were the pinnacle of Metal?