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Soundtracks to ride to.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Clairebear, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. In following the recent thread about movies featuring motorcycles, I have to ask:

    What is your ultimate song to ride to and why? (or do you have several?)

    It'd be really nifty to compile an "ultimate" compilation and put on the ipod. All comments about the safety of ipods or listening to Slayer whilst riding taken as assumed..... :LOL:
  2. I dig Slow Ride by The Kenny Wayne Shepherd band. (Although it is technically a car song)
  3. I have a few favourites on my mp3 player... Black Betty by Spiderbait and Hey Boy, Hey Girl by some dudes whose name I can't remember are the two that stand out the most!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. death in vegas
    timo maas

    thy shalt not listen to prodigy while riding if thy values thy licence
  5. that would be the Chemical Bros
  6. Wolfmother has had me in fear of losing my licence :wink:
  7. My favourite song to ride to is "As the Rush Comes" by, funnily enough, "Motorcycle" or any of it's remixes. It is the perfect song for those random evening rides to wherever.

    "Travelling somewhere,
    could be anywhere
    There's a coldness in the air,
    but i don't care."

    Haha. Voodoo People(Pendulum Remix) works well. :LOL:
  8. Whats the matter with you lot? :p

    Nobody has mentioned "Bad to the Bone" or "Bat out of Hell".
  9. Okay - I'm going to really mix it up now:

    Do you have particular songs that you listen to for different "kinds" of riding?

    like "trackday" music, "crusing music" or "hooning" music etc?
  10. i listen to a little bit of everything everyday
    the harder the music the faster i ride
    :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Slow / cruising:(needless to say, I listen to them alot :LOL: )
    Hilltop hoods

    Fast fanging:
  12. The matrix
    The bourne identity, supremecy and ultimatum


    I know I cant spell, and do I care!? :mad: No :LOL:
  13. whatever

    Heya Claire,

    Great idea for a thread.

    Yeah who mentioned the prodigy, cause they are a piece of braindead sh*t.

    My nephew is playing a pc racing game called Flatout 2, it even has destruction derby mode. You mentioned three modes but I think cruising, hooning and trackday all really amount to the same thing when I throw a leg over the bike, destruction derby mode on the other hand is the only other genuine classification. If you don't know how to ride that style talk to the bike couriers in the CBD.

    Here's the list shamelessly ripped from the game, its mega awesome:

    "Nowhere Ride" - The Chelsea Smiles
    "Fall Victim" - Alkaline Trio
    "Blood Brothers" - Papa Roach
    "Road To Rouen" - Supergrass
    "Mercy Me" - Alkaline Trio
    "Believe It Or Not" - Nickelback
    "Symphony of Destruction" - Megadeth
    "Rough Landing Holly" - Yellowcard
    "Breathing" - Yellowcard
    "Gimme Some More" - Zebrahead
    "Give It All" - Rise Against
    "Not Listening" - Papa Roach
    "Reinventing Your Exit" - Underoath
    "7 Minutes In Heaven" - Fall Out Boy
    "Richard III" - Supergrass
    "Man Or Animal" - Audioslave
    "Your Time Has Come" - Audioslave
    "Flat On The Floor" - Nickelback
    "Feel So Numb" - Rob Zombie
    "Dr. Feelgood" - Motley Crue
    "Demon Speeding" - Rob Zombie
    "Pyramid" - Wolfmother
    "Dimension" - Wolfmother
    "Snitches And Talkers Get Stiches And Walkers" - Fall Out Boy

    I personally prefer a bit of Kenny G, that lesbian Canadian woman who sung constant craving (I can't remember her name) and the soundtrack to the Little Mermaid. After I've painted the inside of my helmet vomit colour I would go with:

    Riding with intent:
    Album - Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
    Cake - Going the Distance
    Crowded - House (except that "telly's gone bung" song wtf is it doing on that album, in fact wtf is it)

    Derby mode / Stunting:
    System of a Down
    Tenacious D
    The Offspring

    The strokes
    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
    Pete Murray - So Beautiful
    Weezer - Island in the Sun
    The Avalanches
    The Eagles
    Jamiroquai - Synkronized

    Make sure you post the compilation you come up with.
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    Given that it's a 675 (it certainly sounds like one), 1ANTkvvMHUM[/media]]click this link, minimise the window so all you hear is the sound, and that's the soundtrack that I ride to.
  15. The entire soundtrack to "The Crow"
  16. Hmm, will have to think about this...
  17. I have a great recording of my mother in law bitching at somebody.
    It makes me ride like Im on a suicide mission.


    I listen to BEATWIFE. Filthy glitch written by a genius.
    Fast hard and offensive.
  18. that was a bloody awsome soundtrack...
    now to find that cd again....
  19. garethK, those are some good tracks & groups/bands.
  20. Re: whatever

    wow. bold statment for someone who thinks fall-out boy is "mega awesome"

    but you like the avalanches so we'll let you off, this time