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Sounds like a false neutral but...no revs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matressking, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Hi!
    I've been having trouble getting going from the lights if i'm on a steep hill (uphill!). Today i was getting the hang of it but then came to quite a steep one and was very jumpy. ended up stalling and waiting for the next lights

    so then after another unfortunately jumpy start i got it up the crest of the hill made a left went to pull off but...nothing. not even revs, as much as i twisted.

    she died again and i quickly started her again and took off no problem. the thing is i didnt even change gears and when it started happening i thought i might have been in 2nd and went to down shift, still nothing.

    this is the 2nd time this has happened and i'm worried it will again!

    any ideas?

  2. 1) How much fuel was in the tank? If your tank is almost empty then you can get some air in the fuel line if the bike is tipped too far over or on a really steep incline, but it has to be pretty bloody steep.

    2) Find yourself a nice steep(ish) driveway where you can practice and spend some time, in first gear, just rolling on the throttle and letting go the clutch. As the bike begins to pull away, pull the clutch back in and wind down the throttle. Rinse and repeat several hundred times or until it's second nature, whichever comes last.

    3) Check fuel lines and carbies. Then check throttle cables.
  3. Mine did the same and it was carbies. It would go fine for awhile, then die in the arse, then after a few weeks it just decided not to go at all.....until I fixed the problem :)
  4. thanks for the quick answers guys.
    if it is the carbies...service?

    i actually think, as dumb as this makes me sound, it's not relwasing the back brake in time thats giving me trouble. like i think im gonna roll back.

    i guess if im giving it enough revs and release the clutch at the same time i release the brake i should be fine.

    another thing to mention is that i did drop her last week and some fluid, think it was gas, was left on the tarmac. she is running fine other than this though so i'm not sure if that's consistent with a problem with the fuel lines?

    Thanks again, you guys rock!
  5. carby service i got was i think $70
  6. Depends on if you're mechanically minded and own a manual or not. I'm guessing not, so getting a mechanic to check the carbs would be a good idea.

    Practice finding the point of releasing your clutch where it starts to move the bike - any revving before that just makes a lot of noise, while increasing after that point gets you moving. If you don't work that bit out your rear brake will cause you problems from hill starts. A fugged carbie wont help matters either...

    Errrrm...I'll leave that to someone else. I would think any real problems caused by a drop would show up immediately and you couldn't start the bike, but I'd mention it (that you dropped it recently) when you take it in for a service and let him check it out.