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Sounding like a tractor ...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by momo, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. After a few weeks' spirited riding through the National Park, my ZXR250 has started sounding like a tractor below about 4k RPM. It doesn't seem to be down on power, but it definitely sounds a bit sick. My guess is that I might have an exhaust leak around one of the header (?) gaskets, because I remember thinking, when I was riding and the problem had only just started, that it was sounding a bit louder from that general area.

    From that less-than-full description, any guesses? Cheers :cool:
  2. Try tightening the nuts which hold the exhaust pipes to the cylinder head.

    Check if they are at all loose - then if they are loosen the clamps further down towards the mufflers. In this way you make sure that nothing will prevent the pipes moving the small amount they need to to tighten up.

    Also check inlet system. A loose airbox connection can also produce low-pitched sound.


    Trevor G
  3. Yep definately sounds like an exhaust leak, sometimes you can feel the leak with your hand, start it up from cold and see if you can feel where the exhaust gas is coming out, dont burn your hand though.
  4. must . . not . . make . . .joke . . about . . . Kawasakis

  5. Especially when you're riding a Triumph.
  6. I'm too busy ploughing my field to respond to that.
  7. So what happened to the GSXR?
  8. Still got it. Trying to make up my mind what to do with it. It's probably worth more to me than anyone else. At the moment it's keeping the k's down on the new bike.