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Sound of Thunder

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MVrog, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. The 25th running of the "Sound of Thunder" is on this weekend, at Ruapuna Raceway, Christchurch, New Zealand. I will be there, spannering my titties off for the Aussie team. Anyone else going?

  2. I hope you take your camera as well, Rog :).
  3. Yeah, Paul, I will be for sure. This might be the last time that I get to see a Britten running. I will post up any worthwhile shots.
  4. MV, the hassle of losing the bike for the round trip put me off. Plus couldn't afford the time off work.

    Saw the entries though and 50 bikes on the grid should be a huge spectacle!!!!!!

    Have a good time.

  5. I will have a top time, for sure. It is compulsory. I am taking an empty suitcase, which will hopefully come home, full of prizemoney and trophies.
    It is a small hassle to send bikes there, then bring them back, but that is the price you pay to have fun.
  6. Yay, off to Tulla in 1 hour. Been looking forward to this. I'll let you know how we get on. Try hard to fit a Britten in my pocket for the trip home.
  7. These Kiwi blokes are treating us like kings. We have a house, a workshop, a car and internet too. There is a fridge full of stuff which they call pus, thats what it sounds like anyway. It tastes remarkably like beer.
    We have been at the track all day, practicing, and will now do our final prep and tuning for the upcoming weekend. There was a big "meet and greet" party last night, and another "pus-up" tonite.
    Wish you were here. This is top fun
  8. "pus off" ya bloody skite :LOL:
  9. Not skiting. It is cheaper and quicker to come here, than to go to Perth. Duty free smokes are a bonus. No water restrictions either.
  10. No beer restrictions either. We are all done for the weekend, and it is beer o'clock. We all survived, with varying degrees of success.
    Loz, I have bad news for you. NZ girls don't have boobies. They have something else, which looks remarkably similar. They are called "tuts" or "tutties"
    Don't quite know what to make of that.
    Anyway, after tonights party, its off to the airport. I will add photos tomorrow
  11. Tut tut.
  12. Here are some shots from Ruapuna. An ugly man with 3 beautiful bikes.

  13. Here is a garage shot. Couldn't get action shots from the pits.
  14. Sound of Thunder 2009

    Hi Gang,

    My business (Get Routed) shipped the Aussie bikes to Christchurch for the SOT. Next year I'm offering a cheap deal ($900 per bike - this is my way of sponsoring the SOT meeting) for anyone wanting to race at the 2009 SOT.

    If we can get a container load of BEARS bikes I'll ship them to arrive on the Wednesday before the meeting and load them on the Monday after the meeting for the return journey.

    Talked to Phil Gray (Aussie president of NSW BEARS club) about this and he'll do his best to spread the word. Drunken talk was that the SOT might become a 3rd round of the Aussie champs and all the Aussie bikes might go over. Eh, Phil?

    Anyone with a road bike who wants to come over is most welcome. NZ roads are "A" OK.

    Hey Rog, who was the horny 19 year old bird with the big tuts I saw you with at the Prizegiving on Sunday night...and who stole my sun hat??

    Kind regards
    Dave Milligan
  15. The girl is your daughter, and she used your hat as a toilet. You don't want it back.
    Please tell her that we all saw the " ping pong ball" trick, in "Priscilla, queen of the desert" and there is no need to do it at a family gathering.
    She is probably adopted, isn't she?
  16. Being serious, for one brief moment. We did use "get routed" for bike shipping, and have done several times now. They are a sponsor of NR. We wouldn't use anyone else, and I recommend that you do the same.
    Good rates, and great service.
    Now, back to being flippant.
  17. Well they've got the best name in the business.

    Same reason I'd buy a couch from Sofa King - their prices are Sofa King low. And I'd get my roof fixed by Titus Aduxass.
  18. SOT

    How could you call that Prizegiving a "Family gathering"??

    Which "Ping pong Ball" trick?

    "your daughter" - I don't have any kids - I'm impotent, didn't you see Brum trying to get me to shag his exhaust to make the bike go faster?

    I still want my hat back.
  19. She did it while you were in the gents, said she didn't want her dad to think she was a moll.
    You can buy a new hat, from the huge profit that you made from us.
  20. Sorry If I offended you, Dave. When you grabbed that girl, and said" who's your daddy", I naturally figured that she was your daughter.