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Sound difference between slip on and full exhaust system?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ninja03, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. EYy guys.

    Ive narrowed my exhaust search down to the akrapovic. i have an 05 zx636 and think this exhaust looks the best on my bike. Just woundering if there is much of a sound difference between a slip on exhaust and a full exhaust. Not really after extra ponies just want the bike to sound alot better and alot louder. Is there much of a difference in sound between akra slip on and the full exhaust or is the main difference in the performance?
  2. Yes, lots. I replaced a Yoshi RS-3 slip-on with a full Akra system and it is significantly louder. A lot less 'raspy' too, clearer note. Biggest difference for me was in the power delivery - much more responsive to throttle movements and engine seemed to spin up easier.

    Bear in mind that a full system you will probably need to get the bike re-tuned (may involve a PowerCommander if you don't already have one) where a slip-on you might get away without. Cost starts adding up!