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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Grey Gentry, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. From The Midura Independant

    Caucasian men refuse to say sorry - so they are bashed
    Sunday, 17 February 2008

    Investigations are continuing into three overnight bashings in the Mildura Central Business District.
    In separate incidents three young Caucasian men, who were walking home after attending local nights spots were bashed.
    Police said that all three victims were themselves under the influence of alcohol and were alone when confronted by a number of indigenous males.
    Once surrounded the victim was told to say “sorry†and then they were knocked to the ground and bashed.
    The three victims were unable to give police an accurate description of their attackers but said they were indigenous and probably aged between 13 and the 20.
    A friend of a 21 year old man who was bashed told Mildura Independent On-Line that he had been approached by a gang of about 20 youths in the Langtree Mall.
    When they surrounded him they told him to say he was sorry and when he refused they told him to give them his money.
    When he refused this second request he was attacked.
    However the man was able to flee from his attackers and made it a block to the Coles Supermarket where a call was made for Police assistance.
    Police are appealing for any witnesses to the incidents which occurred between the hours of 1am and 3am on Saturday.
    Any person with information is asked to contact the Mildura Police Station.

    Yeah right!
  2. What's your point? Sensationalism at its best.
  3. "When they surrounded him they told him to say he was sorry and when he refused they told him to give them his money."

  4. I would have said "for what, what have I done to you that I should apologize for?" Then again I would have been beaten up pretty bad :LOL:
  5. Damn straight, Stop talking about these things openly and repeat after me:

    All is well
    All is well
    All is well
    All is well
    All is well
    All is well
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Blame Christine Nixon again
  8. next time throw a damn cask
    they would have been on it like seagulls on a chip
  9. Charmed, I sense an imminent flame, coming at ya.
  10. The past week I have had, I don't give a sh!t
    If and when a flame does come this way, trust me It wont even compare.
  11. Made me laugh though :LOL:
  12. Aboriginal elder claims police bashed him

    By ANDY PARKS andy.parks@northernstar.com.au A 68-YEAR-OLD Bundjalung elder has accused Casino police officers of assaulting him when he went to the police station to support his grandson.
    Lindsay Gordon told a meeting at the Casino RSM Club yesterday he and other members of his family went to Casino police station last Friday with his grandson Josh Gordon, who intended to make a statement in relation to an incident that occurred the previous Wednesday night.

    Mr Gordon said they walked into the police station and ‘calmly sat down’.

    “What happened after that would shock you,†he told the meeting.

    When an officer told Josh to come through, Mr Gordon asked if he could come in too. He said an officer then grabbed Josh ‘in a violent way’. Mr Gordon said he intervened and tried to pull the officer’s hands away.
    “All I heard then was ‘assault, assault’. It was a set-up, it had to be. Then I was assaulted and blacked out. What happened after that will come out later, legally. We’ll do this legally,†he said. “What happened there was disgraceful.â€

    Several other elders and family members spoke of Mr Gordon as a well-respected and humble man.

    Richmond Local Area Commander Superintendent Bruce Lyons said he had spoken to Mr Walker about the incident.

    “I sat on a chair out the front of the police station with him and my initial reaction was that he was a gentle person and a nice man,†he said

    Supt Lyons said it was hard for him to make a public comment on the incident because it would go before a court.

    “I’m not hiding behind anything in doing that and I am happy to talk to anyone on an individual, private basis,†he said.

    About 200 people from the Casino community attended the meeting, which was called to foster better relations between the police and the Aboriginal community. A lot of anger at the meeting was directed at the Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers (ACLOs), who liaise between police and any Aboriginal people brought before them.

    Mr Gordon’s daughter, Brenda Simpson, who was present at the police station at the time of the alleged assault on her father, said they had been given assurances an ACLO would be present.

    “If I had known an ACLO was not going to be there, I would never have taken my father and nephew to the police. It was like a war zone. It was a disgrace and an insult to my father. I’ve had to watch what he went through last Friday and it’s going to take him a long time to get over it,†she said.

    On the previous Wednesday, January 30, Josh Gordon was involved in an incident where he claims he was attacked outside a Casino hotel. He also has been charged with three counts of assault.

    One of the first witnesses to arrive on the scene was Lenkunyar Roberts, who accused the police of not following proper procedures and protocols. She said police didn’t take any statements at the time.

    “If they’d dealt with it at the time in an appropriat manner, the assault on the elder might not have taken place,†she said.
  13. No.... That would have come from the petrol can that was thrown to try divert them :p
  14. :shock:
    I ain't touching this one
  15. very bad decision that kevin made
  16. Now now...... Metho maybe (with milk)