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Sorry to the SQUIDS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tubbsy, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Not to be another SQUID v no SQUID debate.

    Just want to apologise if I ever said anything bad about SQUIDS. I still won't do it, but after being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic last night in 33 degree heat in basically a summer riding jacket, normal jeans and a halfie helmet, and STILL p1ssing sweat like a broken tap........I now understand why people SQUID.


    That was crazy! I don't even sweat like that in a sauna. Obviously it must put the body in some serious trauma mode. I've not experienced my body trying to get cool me down with that much sweat being produced so quickly before.

    That's some dangerous sh1t!
  2. Best way to combat it is to get yourself a smaller non cruiser bike so you can filter to your hearts content lol.

    I hear ya mate, its crazy how much we sweat in hot weather and in peak hour.
  3. He he, yeh THAT'LL happen. ;-)

    I would get a second one actually, if it didn't cost so much in just on road costs.
  4. I have been squidding a lot on my wr250x lately

    because it isnt a powerhouse upright position etc etc I just feel confident enough in myself not to wear all the gear

    I would never do this on a r1 though

    makes no sense really
  5. the ride down military roads last night was a sweatfest - the first time I've considered going t-shirt rather than summer jacket.
  6. Makes sense to me mate. Inadvertent flick of the wrist on an R1 would have much more dire consequences than on a 2 fiddy. Greater sense of control psychologically if not realistically.

    An off is still an off, but the relative power at your disposal is vastly different, = greater sense of security. Must be why so many scooter riders SQUID. Not a lot of scary power in those, no power to get out of danger either though.
  7. okay I would agree with that Tubbsy - most definitely actually

    I remeber once riding the r1 - one hand on the throttle idleing through the city left hand resting on my thigh

    hit a small pot hole - caused the throttle wrist to snap backwards and nearly put me on my ass - this was at a speed of 30 kmph
    dont think the tufiddy would do that
  8. Yeah this heat sucks - still can't bring myself to squid on my commute though (even after reading Chefs thread) but can see why many would choose to in this weather.
  9. Sounds like Town Hall station lower platfrom levels in peak hour...even the fans spraying water in the air don't do much.

    Anyone heard of or seen a bike rider pass out from the heat whilst riding/sitting at the lights?
  10. Thought I was going to yesterday. 8-[

    Saw an earlier thread a few weeks ago where a guy said he stepped off his bike at the lights and walked into the middle of an intersection and collapsed. Think it was the 'ATTAGAT' thread.
  11. Read this - scares the crap outta me...
    I squidded yesterday, and even soaked my shirt before leaving work at Parramatta - by the time I got onto the M4 it was dry again.
    40mins later my head was pounding in the helmet and my temper was "broken" - I was screaming "Get Fukd" at any light that went red and made me stop!
    S'posed to rain this arvo, and I'm looking forward to the sting on my arms.
  12. Ha, you Sydneysiders are soft, I've been riding around in Melbourne's 39-40 degree heat the last few days in full gear. Mind you I only got my bike last Saturday so 40 degree heat, sleet, snow or hurricanes ain't gonna keep me off it at the moment!

    I know Sydney tends to be more humid though, Melbourne's heat is much dryer so sweat evaporates off straight away if you are moving.
  13. I hear you Antoman.

    We have had some shocking, hot and humid rides in to work and home again down here in Melbourne recently ... add to this a string of accidents day after day on the Monash Fwy, reducing traffic to a crawl (good chance to practice filtering tho).

    But yesterday I had the MOST AWESOME ride home ever. The temp dropped from 43C to 22C mid afternoon, and humidity went from 15% to 68%. A little bit of cloud cover. Nice cool comfortable riding.

    Best part? I got every green light on the way home - CBD to Knoxfield in 25mins :) :) :)

  14. you guys are as soft as putty.
    Spare a thought for those riding up north (Cairns/Darwin etc) who ride in regular 35+/80% humidity 3/4 of the year. I know I had never experienced anything like it before. And out in the Central West of NSW we are getting 40+ degree days 5-6 days in the week.
    Sydney siders either need to
    a) Lose some weight/get tolerant of heat
    b) Harden the Fu#ck up!
  15. Left Work at around 6pm for the bike commute home, 22.4 kms. CBD then through the Harbour tunnel, Little did I know there was an accident at the northern end of the tunnel, FARK!! So It took me 15 minutes to get through. Unbearable heat and fumes, filtering through slowly it took my breath away literally. Finally out the other side past ther rubber neckers and gave it a squirt to vent the diesel fumes from my helmet, temp guage reaching 36 deg. I get to Lane Cove and copped the smoke from the bush fire at Lane Cove National Park. More bumper to bumper traffic because Delhi Rd was closed. Temp guage reached 38deg by the time I got home.
  16. How about you shut the phuck up if you got nothing constructive to add?
    I got your "harden the Fuk up", RIGHT here...
  17. Is anyone else amazed that these guys think a 250 is safer than a thou?
  18. very constructive mate, simply was saying- be mindful of those others riders riding in much worse conditions.
    I know 38 degrees and 60% humidity sounds hot for you blokes/girls and no doubt i would be sweating my ass off too.
    So just take your jacket off, and take extra water wherever you go. If you dont feel confident riding without a $500 jacket then you probably should'nt be riding or it indicates an overexposure to marketing campaigns i don't know which
  19. I left work at Mascot at 5:00pm with boots, jeans, and jacket, by 5:05pm I was drenched with sweat, traffic was really heavy so it was either stay in the hot sun and roll with traffic or filter through, I chose the later :D

    Coming along Brighton le Sands though I had the visor open to about 2cm to let the breeze in, as I was going past at a reasonable speed my left eye got sand flicked into it! My eye started watering and I was trying to wink it out but couldn't get it so I stopped in one of the car parks and walked over to the showers and got it out - glad it didn't get into both eyes :p
  20. A 250 Feels safer than a 1000, I think was the point..