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Sorry to the guy I scared the sh!t out of

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. This evening, prob at about 6:30 - 6:45, I was traveling behind a motorbike when I saw something like a phone come off his bike. At the next set of lights, he filtered so I couldn't alert him. At the second, green lights. At the third, he was in the right hand lane to turn right, so instead of going through the green lights for straight ahead I pulled up next to him to let him know.

    I touched him on the arm, and I think he was about a millimetre away from having a heart attack hehehe! oops! He jumped out of his skin and I felt awful. Then asked him to check his pockets, but it wasn't him. Must have come from a car.

    I rode off laughing about it, feeling bad.

    But yeah, if you read this forum, I'm heaps sorry! I owe you a ride or lunch or something :)

  2. Good on ya for doing the right thing! It would have been the last thing he expected though...

    Now where is that thread about checking your mirrors when stopped at an intersection.... :-w
  3. Nah I pulled up right beside him very quickly. He wouldn't have seen me lol. I was... a ghost! sort of...
  4. Filter? :-s

  5. lol u have a lot to learn

    u know when your sitting at a red light in your car and a motorcycle comes up between the cars to be 1st in line, thats filtering
  6. no no no. filtered - he was making a cuppa coffee and had to filter it and it's a tough process

    - filtering, goz is correct, is weaving through stopped or slowly moving traffic.
  7. Who's making coffee?
  8. Go make your own :)
  9. Flat white with skim, no sugar thanks :)
  10. Latte with skim milk and 5 sugars please lol
  11. Good on you for being a good rider, and a caring peron...
  12. Very responsible of you mate - not many would even consider the thought of doing what you did. And scarying him like that ? Bah, I believe you reminded him to be fully alert.
    What impression would he have given if that was a hot babe on the side of the road touching him like that ? :)
    Good job.
  13. i'm not a hot babe? :(
  14. Pics us and we'll let you know... :grin:


  15. your a shiela?

    dont know whos what these days on here

    Jason, maybe time to add a M or F next to our names or red helmets :D
  16. Better yet, blue helmets for the blokes, pink for the chicks and yellow for the confused :)

  17. LOL...good one...or maybe a pic like mine....you surely can't get mistaken :-w

    ...or not!!!??? Nowadays, at times, you can't even tell whats under the hood!!!

    I've heard Sydney is full of them (the confused). Is it true?

  18. In all fairness, having this avatar:


    would surely be a give-away?

    Hi H, nice to see you back here!
  19. I'm a chick, my name is holly, and i live in sydney. for chrissakes men, pick up your acts and do some reseach LOL!

    whatever. :) i'm chubby but happy with whom i am. however, i'm looking for some people who aren't pussies to come skydiving with me later this year. anyone interested?
  20. oh, and please please please don't give girls pink helmets. maybe green or blue?

    oh, and yeah, i suppose there are lots of confused people in sydney, but i hear melbourne's worse :)