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Sorry to the Green Triumph Triple Rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by krabi, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Hoping the intended recipient is reading this,
    To the owner of the Green Triumph Triple who travels along the New England Highway weekday mornings from Newcastle out west. The other day when I filtered through and stopped at the traffic lights at Hexham McDonalds, you were filtering in the left lane while I filtered between the right lanes, I was not trying to race you.
    There was a"bombadoore" with some "peni" in it who tried to merge across and squash me, so I sped up to avoid them. Then when I gave the "bird" [​IMG] I think you might of thought it was for you. It was not at you as you might not have seen the "bombadoore" drivers action. I used my left hand to give the bird when it was intended for the above mentioned "peni" in the right lane (something about throttle :grin: ) so it might of appeared it was at you. So, lesson for me, don't give the bird unless your intended recipient is clear it's for them and there was no collateral damage to unintended recipients actually I might refrain from the bird as penance. Once again sorry! I will now hang my head in shame [​IMG]
    I might add that is one saucy nice sounding bike you have!

  2. He/she's probably OK with it.

    We Triumph riders get The Bird a fair bit.

    We put it down to :-

    1) Dude! You have an oil leak ...haha made you look

    2) I wish I had a Triple

    3) Darn...a Triple got fourth straight Supertest ...again! Plus MCN Sportsbike title.
  3. If it was a word, it would be spelt "penii"... like radii.
  4. If they can't get over it or still beat you, then they shouldn't ride a green triple.

    And you spelt peni wong...
  5. I must be getting old WTF is penii?
  6. Is that the plural or collective of radishes? :p
  7. So he had 2 penises then? :?
  8. Yes you are...But no you're not one...At least I don't think you are.
    Does that help???? :p

    PM me, I'll whisper it to you :wink:
  9. +1
  10. I believe it's (ii) for 3 or more :eek:
  11. lol at using penii instead of "dicks" :LOL:
  12. LOL
    I love how things digress on this forum... my mis-spelling of my invented word "peni" was an attempt at being clever which backfired and made me look like a dick! I originally used the word dickhead but swear words gets changed when you publish as can be seen here.
    However, it has been a good lesson in when to use the "ii" in words if you are going to make them up!

    Maybe this was in my subconscious?
  13. The plural of radish is unknown, as no-one has ever been able to eat more than one at a time.
  14. ooohhhh you meant cock
  15. I think you mean degrade :wink:

    We're all in your subconscious, krabi. :twisted:

    Bonk - radish theory - so wrong - just pop them like cherries :p
  16. everyone knows a collection of radishes is an "OLMC of radishes"
  17. ...everyone but me...do tell???? Mmmm! Do I really want to find out!!? LOL
  18. Technically I believe it may be penes but let's not complicate things :grin:
  19. Well if we're talking pasta...it's "Penne" :p
  20. Or in a pig's case "fusilli" :wink: :grin: