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Sorry to do this, tyres for my 250.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fingers89, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Hey guys,

    Ive got a 250 bandit, currently with dunlop arrowmaxes on it. I had thos as the last set aswell because thats all the shop had left in the right size.

    Now my question is, I have plenty of swingarm clearence to fit a bigger tyre (was thinking of a michelin pilot power 150/60/17) and was wondering if it will change the handling of the bike. I actually find the bike to handle really well for me. I still cant get the right tyres in the 140 size, so was thinking of stepping up, cause it allows so much more selection, just want the bike to handle well.

    Will it only make the steering a bit slower, or will it change the bikes behaviour in general?

    Thanks for the help in advance

    Catch ya later, and stay safe out there.

  2. Yes, it will change the handling. But ANYTHING is a step up in handling when you're coming off an arrowmax.

    I'd just get the bridgestone weeniebike tyres and be done with it.
  3. In that change you are not only changing the size of the tyre but the construction. The Arrowmax is a bias ply tyre whereas the pilot power is a radial tyre. I personally have never tried using radials on a bike designed for bias ply but searching on the topic reveals that it can dramatically alter the bikes behaviour. Most people recommend sticking with what the bike is designed for in this regard.
  4. Arrowmaxes are shit on the 250 Bandit, they wear out fast without offering any advantage in grip.
    Bridgestone BT45s are the way to go and are available in the standard size (they were the factory fitted tyres for Japanese Bandits).

    Edit: :LOL: I see Loz beat me to it.
  5. Pirelli sport demons have had good results on many 250s.

    Had them on my Acrosses and they were good. My mate hated the battleax on his ZZR and he seemed to think the pirellis were better too. Can't remember if thats what he upgraded to though.
  6. With regards to the Arrowmax - are you guys referring to the GT501's or the GT301's?
  7. Keep the sizing the same, just get rid of the Arrowmaxs!
  8. 501's - the 301's don't fit 17 inch rims.
  9. Oh yer! :oops:
  10. Just wondering with the comments above about radial and bias ply tyres...

    What is the difference it would make? Is it a bad thing to go from bias ply to radial?

    H and V tyre rating is just about max speed correct?