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Sorry to disappoint, OzLotto now 3 million lol QLD & SA

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Sorry to disappoint, OzLotto now 3 million lol QLD & SA


    did i say rigged

    oh ye, rigged

    edit: riiiiiiiggggeed

    :LOL: :LOL:

    This will be the biggest ever prize in Australia

    Today = zero winners
    Next week will be 2 or 3 winners, go figure :p

    Mod [ yeah I edited the heading ] VtrBob
    goz [ so did i ] :)
  2. Geez, goz - don't wet yourself with excitement :wink: :p

    How much would you lose in tax - do they tax you here??
  3. nah no tax, but u will get taxed on the interest u earn when the money is in your bank account
  4. Overseas account - or better still buy a country - should be some cheap ones going at the mo. :LOL:
  5. so assume you bank it somewhere with 2% interest. pretty low i know, but i dont want to aim too high yet.

    in a year, thats $1.2 million in interest, calculated annually. of course you can get an account calculated weekly or something, so even more.

    assume highest tax bracket of 66% or whatever it is. still leaves you with $400,000 a year.

    in interest.

    i'm pretty damn sure i could leave the $60mil in the bank, and live off the interest. or invest $45mil, and live off a measly $100k a year...
  6. Only jackpots from 50mil to 60mil? I'm pretty sure more than $10mil was spent on tickets.

    Can i buy shares in Golden Casket?
  7. It's been announced as at least 90 million now... I think I could possibly retire on that :grin:

    with a very average interest rate and without even bothering to minimise tax it should bring in about $49,000 per week (after tax)...
  8. :shock: Its not rigged....

    I am winning it fair and square like :grin:
  9. I won this lotto draw

    for $33
  10. Feeding frenzy coming, I reckon.
  11. 90 million next week.

  12. According to the Tatts website, it's about 5 times harder to win than Saturday's Tatts. I'm not surprised no one's won with odds like that. I'm still going to enter though.

    I can picture it now, with all the money I'll be like a motorcycle Santa, throwing bikes at everyone in the street :LOL:
  13. My mum is going nuts, buying heaps of tickets like there isn't something like a 99.999997% chance of losing, or something to that effect. I love gambling, it's a tax on people who are bad at statistics and probability. That being said, it is enthralling when you are up, surrounded by chickies, half cut at the local.

    Well, the bit about the chickies dosen't happen. But we can dream, right?
  14. I'll still buy a small ticket...

    But better off buying tickets in the House Lotto's like the RSL or Boystown. Chances of winning are a huge amount greater.

    But in the end, I'll end up winning the Oz Lotto next week, so all is good :LOL:
  15. This will get stupid
  16. I would be happy to just win a thousand dollars.... 60 million would be too much for one person... luckily I have a wife and kids that would soon see it off if I won lol
  17. I'd build a motorcycle only facility in Victoria. FIM sanctioned race track. Trackside parking (always) & track days at minimal cost, plus in-house licence testing & rider training for all levels.
    With separate area for motocross & dirt tracking. That'll do to start with.

    Wanted: Track Manager
  18. I heard an experts comment this morning that you have more chance of being bitten 7 times by a venomous snake than winning OZ Lotto

    But on the bright side our work syndicate won $185 between 4 of us this week, and its all getting reinvested in next weeks draw :twisted:

    The bet is we win along with 1000 others and all get screwed :? :LOL:
  19. We have won a similar amount in our work syndicate too :)

    Realistically I would be happy with enough money to buy the beach house I want in Scarborough :grin:
  20. Aa! That's too much information & the imagery is blinding.
    So, Bob, the whole, "without pics - It didn't happen" thing - we're (I'm) good. :wink: