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Sorry occifer, I was pissed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. Motorcyclist drives into booze bus sign

    April 21, 2012 - 2:04PM

    A motorcyclist who was travelling at high speed rode into a booze bus sign in East Rockingham.
    Police were manning a booze bus in Patterson Road at about 9.45pm last night when they saw a motorcycle approaching “at very high speed”.
    The motorcycle braked heavily, causing the wheels to lock, and it skidded into the mudguard of a traffic hazard warning trailer.
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    The 32-year-old rider skidded across the road onto the verge, where police assisted him.
    He was taken to Rockingham Hospital for treatment for minor injuries.
    Police spokeswoman Susan Usher said inquiries indicated the driver had consumed alcohol prior to the crash, and did not have the appropriate class of drivers licence to ride a motor cycle.

  2. Rode into a booze bus sign while drunk and hasn't got a license? Lol! It's bad but kind of funny :)
  3. I like how they've worded "he didn't have a motorbike license" - that is the proper way of terming it!
    What a tool, though! This type of behaviour doesn't even give us a bad name, because he can hardly be seen as one of us, just a low-life loser! I don't care what his past his, you have to be really stupid to ride a motorcycle a) without a license and b) after consuming alcohol.
  4. Which leads to another discussion; does anyone ride after drinking at all?

    Personally I don't have any booze if riding, but i expect some will do the one an hour type of thing.
  5. One time, I had just gotten the morning after having a mate over. We were drinking piss, and I got pretty tipsy, maybe even drunk - he had given me quite a strong drink (wild turkey mixed with some other stuff). Anyway, in the morning I was bored, so I went to the fridge, and discovered my unfinished drink. So I had a sip, and went back to my bedroom onto my computer. Said mate, on an other mate's computer, tells me to get my ass over to said other mate's house. So I asked for the address, and off I went.
    It wasn't too long until we were all riding the two motorbikes (my other mate and mine) up and down the road. At one point, me and the first mentioned mate were riding up, me on the other mate's XR400R, and my mate on my Sachs Express. We got pulled over, the cop's checked our licenses (I was in the clear due to having my P's, and my mate was unlicensed), and then they pulled the breathos out. I nearly shat myself.
    Thankfully, I was in the clear as far as my BAC was concerned!
  6. Not funny at all. Funny is wheelieing past the booze bus. This guy is a drunk, unlicensed wanker.
  7. The irony is what I find funny ;)
  8. Non rider and nothing to see here. Move along........
  9. Fair call.

  10. =D>
  11. I think it's funny. ******** yes. But a ******** with legendary status lol
    When I was younger we use to muster the sheep on dirt bikes. Very big property.
    And we were young, dumb and full of beans and we would drink, smoke then go play mx racers. Blind, by moonlight only and no idea.
    We would be in jeans, work boots and footy jerseys. And funnily no one ever got seriously hurt.
    Got my license and rode my first road bike strait through a corner and a wooden gate...pissed.
    If we go out and camp on one of the properties we will still have a few brews and play racers on the dirties.
    I dont cause i run out of puff to quick these days. Even sober ha ha
  12. Waiting for the blame to start being passed.

    Motorcyclists, because he was on one. Even though he didn't have a license.
    Alcohol, because he had some. It didn't make him do a damn thing.

    Responsibility; people. Drinking does not negate your responsibility. If you do something, you still did it. If you can't handle your drink without being an arse-hat, don't drink and spoil it for the rest of us. We're becoming a beige enough country already thank you very much.
  13. Nah he didn't nod to the cops before he crashed, how dare he