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Sorry NOT enough ..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VCM, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. I'm confused ...
    Why is it the Pope's fault that some representatives of his Church are just as warped as alot of other undesirables in the community.
    What MORE can he do but apoligise ? What do we expect him to do?
    Tougher scrutiny before granting positions in any organisation will help but will NEVER stamp out they few rotten apples that find there way in.
    Do we get an apology from the parents of criminals? .. and when we do, is it reasonable for us to tell em " It ain't enough ". I know NO apology is EVER enough for victims of crime, BUT WTF, more can parents, leaders, spokepersons do to 'CONTROL' the actions of others? We don't have a crystal ball.


    PS: If any of my kids, grandkids, great grandkids etc EVER steal your bikes .. I apoligise in ADVANCE :p

  2. Vinnie do you know what you'll start with this?
  3. What better way to start the week mate :LOL:
    PS: that PIC is a PISSER !!!
  4. My 2c

    As head of the church he is apologising on behalf of the church, much like the Canadians apologised for their persecution of the inuits and our government apologised for the "stolen generation"
    It's called diplomacy.
  5. Because he's the head of an organisation, that, as far as I can tell, has systematically hidden, obfuscated, delayed and hindered all investigations by authorities into allegations of child sexual abuse by its employees. When presented with irrefutable evidence of the actions of its employees it has responded like a bad corporate citizen and gone to some lengths to defend itself.

    Now, that's bad enough when you're a multinational corporation with faceless investors you're allegedly trying to protect, but for church?

    Last weeks effort by Pell was indicative. Rather than just saying 'I am sorry, I made a mistake' (which we could accept), he continued along a line that was ridiculous, culminating in an Oxford (IIRC) scholar and head of a church admitting that he drafted an extremely poorly worded letter.

    Perhaps the reason why?
  6. Yeah, the point is not so much that there were pedos among the priesthood - sadly, these sik fuks exist in all walks of life. The point is the way in which the church systematically moved them around to protect them, without protecting their victims, lied and obfuscated to avoid justice for the victims, and so on. The church as an organisation spread the suffering rather than working to contain it. And that's what the apology is for. Now, the test is whether the church is able to do better in future. And Pell's more recent lies are a worrying sign in that direction.
  7. +1 x10000000000000 Cejay
  8. Some Good points there Guys,, thx
    Has made me understand a little clearer as to 'why' one person is held responsible for the actions of those beneath him.
    Good points raised cejay !
    I was not aware the church was involved in activities Bravus outlined in his post. I tend to agree that due to his actions/inactions .. 'sorry' just won't cut it this late in the game.
  9. But the church is always hiding and lying... they tell you god exists :?
  10. Sorry certainly doesn't cut it!

    The solution is simple:

    Sexual assault is a criminal offence. The perpetrators should be dealt with in a court of law.

    There seems to be no future plan to deal with these 'criminals' appropriately. They are simply moved on. This is not a solution - nor a deterant.

    Everyone should be accountable for their actions....everyone!

    My personal opinion is that the Church (like many big businesses) is protecting it's image,and it's money!

    my 2cents
  11. THIS. Perfectly summed up Cejay.
  12. I'm off my high horse now...

    + 2 Cejay!!!!
  13. Fellas, the common garden variety rockspider is really good at pretending that he is normal