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Sorry, no swaps

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by philmydang, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. So I've posted an advert online to sell my vt600 and got a friendly offer to swap for a Yamaha xj900, to which I sent a friendly decline. The following ensued;

    BUYER: Care to swap with another bike an xj900 Yamaha 87 with 60000k original km as my nephew seek LAM cruiser type, as mine is Dual sport bike big cc for his p and I'm offering my bike for him to swap with yours as mine is valued 7-8k by Shannon insurance, Fully operational working, rego 12month all areas of the bike working no problem no headache just sit turn on key and ride of, into the summer, what do you think are u interested.??

    ME:Sorry pal, not interested in swaps. Cheers.

    BUYER:ur loss not mine classic 4 average bike not my calling but my nephew likes yours, for me it not worth the price to go down from 900cc to 600cc let alone swaping no way.. bye.

    ME:Then sell yours, buy mine, give it to him and keep the extra change (Mine was listed for 5600). No time to ride now hence the sale. Cheers.

    BUYER:it not legal 900cc he seeks lam mine is 900cc lam is up to 650cc and mineis high seat tallo for him yours in small as for me anything less then 1300 is scooter for me my bike are all above 1300 cc my xj is first bike when it wa slegal for learner to buy what ever he could ride back then, what i got all are big,

    Hd road king 1800cc, kawasaki vn2000 2055cc suzuki bulivard c109rt,1800cc suzuki hybusa 1300rr, yamaha roadliner 1900 and thrumphet rocket 3 as just gotten his l can't ride anything higher then 600 to 650 p plater,.

    what why i offered him kine but he seeks lower cc grade then mine as it to high for him to ride. it for guys 6' not 5'2. understand now why it for me go down is worse then small bike not only small but scooter level, rather then high with more power turque that why i say your loss you get higher cc then what you got but for better value and you refused your loss in the end. i dont go down but up biger more heaqver larger and more complex bike for ride then what i have . he want for summer in jan only 2 weeks to go. before he has his p. for me 46 years riding. al kind dirt racing cruisres tours extra,.

    stil your loss not mine,. high value more cc and classic . take care.

    I guess he needed to get that off his chest... Left me rather confused.
  2. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

    what a wank

  3. So why did he have a 900 then?
  4. Probably for the same mysterious reason he wrote that drivel.
  5. sounds like a scam, in some weird way... :-s

    awful spelling
  6. I have trouble reading that - tell him he can swap after he passes year 3 english.
  7. I was thinking the same, along the lines of the "fake PayPal email" scam.
    But there's no mention of payment, only swapsies, so I'm not sure?
    Maybe you'd freight your bike when you received a fake shipping notification for the XJ?
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