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Sorry Mum!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by fin mental, May 30, 2013.

  1. #1 fin mental, May 30, 2013
    Last edited: May 31, 2013
    Another one of your kids has started riding a motorbike.

    Why ever did I wait so long?!
    Anyway, I've finally got the bike and the L plates.
    Hoping to catch up with some of you guys and girls at Homebush.
    If only the weekends were less busy.

    Anyone in or near the Inner West who is short of a wingman (or straggler)?


  2. depends...are you hot?

    also...welcome...do feel free to post pics..
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  4. G'day Fin.

    So how are you find the CB125? I almost bought one of them.
  5. Welcome.
    That is one thing that Mums always get wrong... telling their kids not to ride.
  6. My Mum's not that young, I decided not to tell her.
  7. Welcome! Hopefully I'll see you at Homebush sometime... I keep meaning to head down but I haven't made it there yet lol :D

    I've got a CB125 too - its great for zipping around, but unfortunately I've already found max throttle on a couple hills so i'm already saving for my upgrade after only a a month or so of riding it!

    Hope you're enjoying riding so far :)
  8. I read your location as being in the future.
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  9. Welcome. The CB125 is a nice easy bike to learn on and build your confidence and skills. Cheap too which is even better. Back in February the CB125 was the first bike I ever sat on and after a few instructions on what did what I was riding around the paddock thinking the same thing you were. But it was my wife that I had to apologise to... I think she has gotten over it... Enjoy and keep learning.
  10. Lol, way to go @crisis nice to see some things havent changed on NR! ;)

    Welcome to NR, always good to see more girls out there riding :)
  11. Hot... it's all a question of degrees.
    What's your angle?

    Maybe my location is in the future... but for the present it is inner west or there abouts

    CB125 suits jus

    It's fine for now. Slow n easy to start with.
    Then, when I get rid of the training wheels, I'll break out into something a little more fun/challenging!
  12. So,a busa next ?
  13. Hmmm, maybe something a little tamer for me.
    Though I wonder if/when my sis will let me take hers for a spin...
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  14. Dont hold your breath
  15. I know that face its Julia isnt it ?.
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  16. No way... definitely not Julia!
    That pic is a puppet from an old (non Australian) kids show. Bosco was the characters name.
    But don't be confused... I am not controlled by someone else's hand!
  17. Obviously you have not met the right hand yet then
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  18. I swear I posted here already.
    But still the pop-up message to remind me.

  19. oh oh I like this one can we keep her please :dance:
  20. Keep me?
    Sure and thanks for the offer. I accept.
    I do look foward to you keeping me in considerable style