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Sorry I should re introduce myself

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cookie99, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. If I am no longer financial please bill me I may have let my membership lapse.

    I was born in Trinidad in the West Indies almost 3 score years ago and started riding at 11 years old racing motorcycles with my Dad (an old racer himself) on old WW2 US Airfields on the island at 12 yo.

    My first legal bike was a Velocette Venom which I bought age 16 whilst at boarding school in Weybridge England (only a few miles from Brooklands and Brands hatch) The Venom still races under the careful hands of my nephew and is in almost mint condition.

    I Traveled the world until 1974 owned and raced a few old and mad machines before coming to Australia for a holiday from which I never left except for my honeymoon in 1980.

    I worked for the mining industry in the North and owned a number of bikes, many trail (Bultacos, Huskys, XL Hondas, and wrecked them whilst exploring the still unspoilt Northern regions of this wonderful country. I also accumulated a variety of road bikes almost all totally unsuited to the Northern Australian roads, Ducatis, Motor Guzis, Laverdas, a Benelli Sei, Suzuki RE5, Suzuki "Tokyo Tea Pot" Ural, a whole range of Kawasakis culminating in the most hair raising ride of all a Kawasaki H2R (Those that know will understand) My best ever was owing seven bikes at one time.

    Old Joe drove me South in 1979 and I fell in love with Victoria and it's beautiful (and more compact) country and roads that did not require me to wear mouth guards and kidney belts and I have been here since acquiring some 21 more bikes along the way (I get well looked after at Melbourne bike shops (especially my old Tigers supporter and bike supplier Mick Hone)

    Through all my years of exploring and racing I managed to only do mild damage to my body but a sleepy P Plater put paid to that in 2001 when he almost cut off my left leg when he dozed off one sunny Monday morning which cost me 3 years of Rehab but only 19 months off bikes and Mick put me on a beautiful Yellow and Black FZ1 for my birth on the 18/02/03 though I needed a walking stick to get on and off it for about a year.


    I work at a Melbourne hospital which is about 8 km from home finish work at about 3pm and generally get a couple of hundred kms in via the peninsular on the way home so as you can see I live for riding.

    I purchased a bandit 1250 last year as a birthday present for my wife who after almost 30 years of married bliss whence she never once wanted to get on the back of any of my bikes she encountered change of life and now I have a pillion passenger most weekends and she loves it aand I get to commute on it thus preserving my 100,000 + km FZ1 for future years.

    A happy wife on her way to the 2007 Toy run her 1st my 28th


    Hope this is a suitable introduction

    Chris and Sue Cooke
  2. You can never have too many old geezers on Netrider; welcome indeed. I look forward to many tall tales (true, of course) from your motorcycling past!
  3. Put the kettle on Paul. The man wants a cuppa.

    Welcome cookie99. Another black Bandit too.
  4. Not bad intro, pictures and all. The netrider is well pleased to have you aboard :LOL:
  5. Now that's a decent whack of experience. Thanks for writing it up for us, I hope to catch you on the road sometime.
  6. I tend to haunt Brighton Kawasaki talking about European Road Racing with the owner Loz so if you see the Yellow and Black FZ or the Black Bandit1250 I am probably in there or Brighton Bikes and Bits.

    Also frequently seen with Hel Cam mounted on my helmet. (I always wanted to film my own demise)
  7. hornet600

    Well mate, believe it I lived in Wollongong in 1974 whilst working at the BOS plant at the Port Kembla Steelworks and lived at 20 Cliff Road North Beach directly across the road from the changing rooms, now a hotel I believe.

    I paid a Scottish family 18$ a month in rent for the view of a lifetime and the girls!

    Had great fun learning to Hang Glide at Stanwell Park, had some real close calls there.
  8. OK so we now know that you are a perve, owned lots of bikes and are old! :LOL: Good to have you on board.
  9. My idol!!! :p

    IF I grow up, I wanna be jus like you pop!!
  10. A Warm Welcome Chris & Sue !
    Now THAT is an Introduction :LOL:

  11. Yes sorry to say I am a dirty older man who still loves the ladies but when you have a wife like mine it's all just fantasy land but there are always memories.

    Also folks remember the motto I have lived with all my life.

    "Growing old is inevitable but growing up is voluntary"

    I take a while to get going on some cold mornings but I can still manage 700 kilometer days in the saddle and weather is no object as if you don't ride in all conditions often, you quickly lose your skills in those conditions and that does not help you reach the age where young folk help you off your bike at servos. :grin:

    Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to riding with many of you soon, my wife as well, she went to the Superbikes with me this year and all she could say was "so many men in one place"
  12. Another old grey perv. Still I reckon you can never have enough old grey pervs.

  13. what an awesome amount of experience you have had
    thanks so much for writing it up

    experience like yours is always welcomed

  14. Tracey

    Tracey you are lucky enough to live in one of the finest bike states in Australia and provided you stay off the roads around dawn and dusk (awesome road kill in Tassie) you should have as much fun as I had over the years.

    My wife and myself are taking the Bandit to Tassie early next year for a few weeks hope to get a ride in with you then.

    Chris and Sue.
  15. Would love to catch up with you
    please send us a PM when you are heading down and I am sure we could organise something.

    the crew down here are pretty friendly and love heading out for rides and taking visitors along as well.

  16. Thanks Tracey you can count on it!

    I will bring you some videos of rides I do around Victoria.

    Chris and Sue.
  17. Never mind the videos of rides, where are the videos of the North Beach changing rooms? :LOL:
  18. This may come as a surprise to you young fella but in 1974 videos were not available and we had to rely on binoculars and a damn good memory. :grin:

    What a great country we live in and what beautiful girls/boys, fortunately I was never interested in either. :)
  19. Cookie, anyone who calls me young fella is OK in my book.

    Either that or very short sighted.
  20. Sorry mate I just assume that anyone is younger than me and I am mostly right however if you are of the "Mature" set great to meet you.