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Sorry I hit your mirror

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 23790554, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Just want to say sorry to the car on Pacific Hwy this morning.

    I was lane filtering and my left side mirror accidentally hit your right saide mirror, I dont think there was any damage as I saw the mirror flip back to its orginal position. I know you were angry because you were beeping me.


    But on the other hand, maybe this is a good way to teach car drivers to mgive us riders more room? Jusr MAYBE....
  2. They don't HAVE to give you more room, they are in their lane, you are overtaking/passing. It is your responsibility to ensure you do it in a safe manner.
    Shifting blame is a good way to end up in a serious accident one day.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. ..teach car drivers to give us more room????

    Maybe you should teach yourself how to filter without hitting cars! :roll:

    I hope you don't feel any penance for getting on a motorcycle forum to confess your apology to a car driver who will never see it. You should have stopped and apologised. It's called leaving the scene of an accident.
  4. yeah .. should have stop and apologize.. leave them your card for willingness to pay for the damage.. :shock:
  5. I'd be angry and beeping too.
  6. i've had a driver in a work ute apologise to me !
    yes ! to me ! for hitting his mirror with my mirror !

    He had his window down, and said - "Sorry mate!, I should have given you more room !" :shock:

    He did have a big DUCATI sticker on his rear window, so i guess he rides.
  7. In the first week after getting my Ls I was filtering in stationary traffic and accidently knocked a cars mirror because I was concentrating on one side and missed seeing the other. The mirror flipped back so I stopped and straightened it again then waved to the driver in apology. He was cool with it.

    I suppose it comes down to common courtesy as well as your responsibility to check if there is any damage and make amends if there is any.

    No wonder riders get a bad rep from drivers when some inconsiderate riders do thinks like this then don't apologise and just ride off.
  8. Not that ive done it, yet.

    But I would stop to say sorry, if you get abused and there is no damage ride off and dont think anything of it. Because I guarntee that if it was your mirror getting hit you would mouth off to.
  9. Bad attitude - typhoon is right.
  10. Hey, 23790554, I sure you didn't do it on purpose and we all make mistakes. Still you can understand why they wouod be pissed off. Just take more care.
  11. Hey he who is without sin cast the first stone!

    I've done it and trust me you cannot stop in Melbourne peak hour traffic. If it had been at a higher speed and caused damage I might have stopped if safe.

    I did signal a sorry to the driver, except for the friggen taxi incident they are always trying to run me over so they deserve it.
  12. No point appologising on a bike forum :roll:

    If you hit my mirror in the car and didnt at least slow right down to properly check if any damage and give a sorry wave I would make sure I kept an eye out for you the next day on the bike, then tear your mirror off when I caught you.

    Give a wave and dont run away to hide your plate and I couldnt care less, just a cage mirror, they are designed to be hit anyway. :wink:
  13. sometimes its just not safe to try and stop, and when cars deliberately move over to try to stop me going down the middle i feel like punching their side mirrors off! I dont though but i sure feel like it sometimes when its so deliberate
  14. Most of the time if you're splitting at a slow pace it won't do any damage. As said the mirror is designed to fold back and absorb the impact. Still pays to be polite and give them a wave to say sorry.
  15. If you hit my mirror i wouldnt be happy :evil: If you cant split with out hitting something or ready to appologize,check damage Dont Split
  16. That’s pure Bastardry, now I see why you’re a mad dog :LOL:
  17. When someone did this to me (some wanker on a road-registered dirt bike on Eliot Ave some months ago), I was furious and he knew it - he ran like the cowardly vandal he was. I only got a partial rego, but I reported him to the cops anyway. He owes me $120 for the replacement servo-motor, as the impact broke it.

    I know plenty of people from this forum who routinely split safely, and if they hit anyone for any reason, they'd at least stop and be accountable for their actions. A small minority don't. Do it right or don't do it people - there is an ardent legion out there who want linesplitting banned, and this sort of behaviour just gives them more ammunition.
  18. I'm trying to work out what is more stupid about the initial post. The fact that you have come to a motorcycle forum to "apologise" or the fact you somehow think ANY blame could be apportioned to the driver. You are a certified COAB(both the definitions).

    Oh, and on behalf of the car driver, APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!
  19. yep, im with triway.
    lack of respect......:?
  20. I remember filtering through some traffic on my old 250 many moons ago, only to hear a sickening loud clank sound, which was my right brake lever making contact with a mirror, I stoped right away and appologised profusely to the driver and fixed the mirror the best way I could, the driver seemed anoyed but was cool about it, still feel bad for that fella.