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Sorry Dude

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by iamstevesname, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Sorry dude!!!! That was me in the car that cut you off just after Warragul Rd. I just my mirrors twice and still manage to cut someone off.

    You looked pissed off under ya lid... I think your number plate was 'doo something'

    Sorry man didn't mean to cut ya!

    I didn't ride today cause I had to carry a computer to be fixed at work.

  2. OH OH doonks is after you know
  3. i kill you.
  4. Always head check. Checking your mirrors doesn't show you your blind spot.
  5. Good for you for being big enough to own up to your mistake and appologise. I suspect few would :)
  6. well hello hello !

    Yes it was me. i don't know if it was at me, or it was at yourself, but you had a big grin on your mug as I peered in. I thought you may still not have been aware what happened.

    No problems, it wasn't really a full on cut off, but enough for me to squeeze the brake, and think "another one"

    All good though. Kudos and respect for owning up. You didn't have to do that and no-one would have been any the wiser.

  7. he wasn't in my blind spot!
  8. Yeah Sorry man!!! I didn't mean to smile... but I knew what you was thinking and I couldn't help but laugh because I would be doing the same thing.
  9. Yer lucky it wasnt me otherwise you would be missing a mirror right now :p
  10. That's probably why a lot of drivers always say : " Didn't see them coming..."

    Same thing happen to me this morning just before the Eastern Freeway Entrance on Springvale.. A car came out from the junction on the right and cutting across to the left for the entrance.. and didn't see me coming.. I had to slam on the brake to avoid him.. GRRRRrrrr!!!!!

    I can only shoke my head and sigh...
  11. its funny. but since i have had my buell i have never been cut off or cut in on. maybe its cause of the big 'potato potato' sound eminating from the deep heart of hell.

    now excuse me while i go and tap some wood, for the jinx i have jsut thrown myself.
  12. Ahhh, I'm glad ya owned up to it, and I'm glad Doonks didn't blast you for it, sometimes mistakes happen, no one was hurt, good job to ya all.

    Take it easy out there
  13. Sometimes it's not coz drivers have their heads up their rear-ends - They can be keeping a look out, but simply make a mistake.
    We should all be allowed to make an honest mistake...:)
  14. Sometimes they're drunk or texting that hot chick back... no not that one, the cute one. Yeah, her.
  15. Main reason I get so peeved when authorities want bike sound limited. It's not for bloody RICE DRIVERS WANK WANK sound, it's to help save our bloody lives/skin/bike from idiots who don't see/hear us. Well at least to the ones who aren't listening to 1000db sound systems in their car whilst driving.

    My VTR250 had a throaty sound for a 250 and I used to rev it when I saw people were gonna cut me off. That sure made them stop as they heard me.
  16. Undii: The problem is, the sound for safety arguement is based on anecdotal evidence. There are no hard and fast facts and figures to prove the theory (because until it has been proven, it is still a theory), so the government will disregard it.

    Plus they're too busy keeping the EPA sweet on noise pollution
  17. Hmmm....'loud pipes save lives'., I dunno about that. I have an almost silent BMW and a Ducati that violates all known strategic arms limitations treaties, but I still seem to get cut off regularly, regardless of which I'm riding.
  18. One time Donkey and myself were riding back from Parramatta up Windsor Rd, and we filtered towards the front of the intersection in the left-hand lane to go straight where it intersects with Briens/James Ruse Dr.

    This guy in a Commodore makes a huge effort to move to the left and then leans out his window to wave us up forwards in front of him.
    We pull up for a chat to speak to this dude who was so actively looking out for bikers.

    Redheaded bloke, no-one else in the car - he tells us he loves bikes [doesn't ride himself though] and asks us to give it a bit of stick off the line.
    No problem we figure.

    ... and just as I'm thinking how this guy is one of the finer drivers on our roads, and I have the utmost respect for how he conducts himself on the tarmac, despite driving a station-wagon, I notice he's halfway through a 6-pack of Wild Turkey & Coke sitting in his lap :?
  19. noise polution... maybe, but guaranteed if they did a controlled test, they would see hte drivers react to noise before they decided to head/mirror check.

    my gal used to think that the whole pipe thing was a farce and ego trip also, until she folowed me over the sydney city cycles one day. i was taking a standard vfr800 in and she followed me in our vitara. she watched as three people almost collected me. once there i collected my new vfr800 with polished rims and yoshi pipe. straight away she could see the difference the pipe made as cars were moving before i even arrived.

    never again was i to have a bike with standard exhaust.

    best time ever was when i had a modded harley and used to lane split along victoria rd to work every morning. i didnt have to worry about traffic at all. i jsut pointed my front wheel between the traffice and gave the big donk with shorty straight cuts a blurt and the traffic parted. after a few weeks i had a line of bikes that used to jsut follow me thru traffic. although it did start to scary for the bloke about 8 bikes back as by then the cars started getting annoyed and would close the gap on the straglers.