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Sorry, another which first bike advice thread

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Whitey, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I know this has been asked millions of times before & I'm sure I've read so many different posts that I have simply confused myself, but here goes. I have never ridden before & go for my L's next week. I'm 6'1" & about 76kg
    GS500 - well recommended, decent power for a LAMS bike, but 40kg heavier than a 250
    VTR250 - Highly recommended (best) 250, light & agile
    CBF250 - newest of the lot, light, but low on power & top speed

    Looking to spend up to $5500, maybe $6000 at most, however less is better.
    Rough pricing seems to be
    GS500 - 2005/06, 12000-20000 km, at 5.5-6k
    VTR250 - 2002/03, 10000-20000 km, at 5-5.5k
    CBF250 - 2006/07, 3000-10000 km, at 4-4.5k

    There are some older VTR's (1999) with 30000-40000 km down around 4-4.5k but not sure if I should go an older bike or should these be just as reliable as the newer bikes as long as they have been serviced. I am not looking for maximum top speed & I don't need to go on a lot of freeways, however once I have some confidence a trip to Phillip Island won't be out of the question. The bike will be used for weekend rides & generally just getting out & about and enjoying the ride.
    Any advice on these three bikes would be appreciated. ( and yes I have used search before. Thats why I'm now confused)

  2. Get the VTR, they rock.
  3. I am leaning (well not yet on a bike) towards the VTR as it seems to be powerful enough to learn on and continue a bit further. The only part that is doubting the 250 bikes is what will they be like to get rid of after restrictions with LAMS now available in Vic. I suppose it is still a case of just because you CAN have a bigger bike you don't necessarily HAVE to. The other issue is I won't have a chance to test ride all the bikes myself. This will be done by a mate with a super blackbird so anything will seem underpowered to him.
  4. It's not about the power, it's about how fast they get you confident and having fun.
  5. My impression is that the bottom certainly hasn't fallen out of the 250 market since LAMS was introduced in NSW.

    Perhaps others can confirm with hard data?
  6. I think it depends on what sort of riding you want to do and what your style of riding is.

    For me I didn't want a bike I had to rev the tits off and that would cruise comfortably at 100+ without a drama. The GS500 does this very well as it's got plenty of torque and only sits on 5000 rpm odd at 100 kph in 6th.

    Others may want a bike they have to rev and enjoy that.

    It's probably hard for you to tell at this stage without having ridden before, but I chose a bike with similar characterstics to how I like my cars - low reving, lots of torque, don't need to work hard.
  7. My perspective is limited, only one bike so far, but is was a good one.

    VTR 2003. I'm 6ft and 110Kg and it managed to get me around pretty well. I would look for any excuse to get on and go for a ride.

    I had an aftermarket pipe so everyone knew I was around on the road.

    It was most enjoyable in the twisties.

    My max speed was 135kmh

    Freeway cruising at 100/110 was @7000rpm near max torque zone so you could move in and out of traffic as needed.

    It was quite a narrow bike so a good one to learn to filter without concerns

    I still miss it. Go the VTR250 a desirable bike that will hold it's value
  8. go a zeal.. ill sell you mine
    3 grand..
    4 and a half if you want my signature on the front headlight
    but in all seriousness.. consider one.. their good for their money.. and theyll chop a vtr in all areas except for sound..
    looky looky more
  9. You may want to also consider a Yamaha Scorpio $4700 on the road brand new

  10. My VTR had done 30K by the time I sold it and it still went as good as the day I bought it new.
  11. The confidence side is partly why I am considering the CBF. Technically speaking I have ridden as I did one of the free HART "Try riding" sessions on the CBF. This involved showing us basic controls of the bike. They then wound up the idle(don't have to worry about throttle control) keep feet down, ease out clutch & go forward a bit. Then feet onto pegs & forward. After that idle down normal and we got to go around the course about 10 times. No gear changing but I felt comfortable leaning into the corners and accelerating out of them
    Gave me an absolute buzz & walked away thinking this is something I could really enjoy.
    Most of the roads I would be on are max. 80-90km/h so it doesn't need to be the most powerful. At safe (ie legal) road speed would there be a considerable difference to acceleration with the 250's? I ask this because most peoples opinion is that a 250 doesn't have enough go to get you out of trouble. Is this as much of a concern if the road speeds are not near the bikes maximum speed.

  12. You'll still have enough power in reserve in 80-90 zones on a cbf250 or similar. Its at freeway speed where it gets a bit more daunting.

    Apart from a few exceptions (such as much older bikes), the difference in power/speed of 250s isn't great. You'll find that 4stroke, 2-4 cylinder road bikes are almost all between 30-40hp. And since the higher powered 250s (cbr, fzr, etc.) are typically old, poorly maintained and thrashed out they're usually missing a few horse powers so its mostly 30-35hp in reality.
  13. Don't bother with the CBF, the VTR is much better and every bit as easy to ride. It also has a higher performance envelope, so it's a bike you can grow into. There's nothing to be scared of, it's one of the most friendly bikes around, but when you start wanting to chuck it around a bit, it'll be ready for action.
  14. Looks like it is VTR or GS500. Would the 40kg weight difference be extremely noticeable when riding, or mainly during slow speed turning or moving the bike around?

  15. I started with a virago (along with 50% of all new starters), then upgraded to a GS500F within 1/2 year. The GS500 is a bigger bike with plenty more power. Although I'm limited to 90km/h it doesn't take very long to get to that speed and I'm really looking forward to a full licence.

    I find it alot safer than the virago due to the fact it's easy to stay out of drivers blind spots, a quick twist of the throttle and you pass with ease.

    I can't comment on the VTR, but the GS500 will be a keeper for a long time and I'm sure it won't whine like a banshee at highway speeds (top speed 180km/h+....and no I won't even try to test that)

    I managed to pick up my 2007 GS500F, 3,200km, 1 year rego and wty for only $5,500 on ebay (they listed in the Bicycle section).

    It's great for my size and very comfy (105kgs and 6'1)

    Good luck
  16. I'm with Loz, for your specs as you've laid them out the VTR is far the best bike in the list. It's nonsense that a 250 doesn't have enough go to get out of trouble - it has plenty for anything you're going to need to do as a beginner on everyday streets. Maybe they were thinking of a scooter.

    The VTR handles well, goes well, is a much better bike than the CBF, and will be a lot easier to start off with than the GS500. The GS is a good bike too, but you *will* notice that extra 40 kg as a beginner, and you're light enough yourself that a VTR will do a great job.