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Sorry, Another Tyre Thread

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by fingers89, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Hows it going people?

    Sorry to do this to you, but i dont know much about tyres, and was wonderign what the best ttres for my conditions would be?

    My conditions are that i mainly use my bike for a mode of transport, however i like to go on night time cruises and weekend blasts. So longevity and grip would be nice. I geuss im looking for the best compromise. Price itself is not such an issue because id only be getting the rear done at first (the front is fine for now) but the font will be changes soon aswell. Or is it advisable to change both at the same time?

    Again sorry to do this to you, and thanks for all the help.

  2. OK, first of all we need to know what sort of bike you are riding, because that makes a BIG difference to what sort of tyre our experts might suggest.....
  3. Oh sorry mate, i have a bandit 250. it has a 140-65 tyre. 17 inch wheel. Sorry bout that.

  4. sorright

    my personal preference on my 600 Hornet for grip, touring and round town is the Bridgestone BT-021.

    That sais, 100 other people will have 99 other opnions :LOL:.
  5. I run a Metzeler M1 on thr front, a Bridgestone BT020 on the rear.
    Very happy with them, good wearing and grippy as far as I can tell.
    But then again I'm still a newbie ... :oops:
  6. Stick road tyre that doesnt last that long GPRa10.
    But i good tyre that nobody seem to talk about too much is the GPR100, thats rated as a touring tyre, but i done some pretty hard cornering and it did quite well.
  7. Big bugger like myself (115kg) on a bandit 250,same conditions as yours, first started with IRC, didn't like them much, moved to Battaleax 45s, which I loved, especially the feedback, however I wore the front out after a 10 hour spur, donna buang, and yarra valley run.

    At the moment I am running pilot roads, and I haven't been able to find the tyre's limit due to bike limits (however have no chicken strip left, and am still yet to have the bike excessively slip, have the suspension set up as well as i feel i can without playing around with spring constants) (keep in mind, i still ride sedately due to being public roads. I just don't slow down in the corners....).

    My goal is to have to only replace a pair every year, (about 15,000ks for me, and all seem to have a good longevity, (retired the battlaxes early due to a nail, though)).
    My riding conditions are filtering and quick off the light commuting, on major suburban roads and spirited riding on my local roads (go, mountain highway!!!)

    So, from personal recommendation, overhaul your brakes and suspension, and get some pilot roads, then work from there to find your perfect set.

    (I might move to metzeler next to see how they feel)