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Sore Wrists on my '05 636 ?Bar Lifters?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by RedNinja, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. :(

    Hi was just wondering if anyone knew if bar lifters or something similar exist for the '05 Ninja 636. All I get is pain after about an hour of riding.

    I stepped off a Busa with the view it wouldn't be as heavy with a 636, but the Busa was much better after a few hours on road with the wrist situation and so was my old VFR.

    Groan, think I should've stuck with my VFR....

    :shock: Any Ideas?
  2. Yup, apparently the 03 (which I have) is just as bad.... I rode to MtGambier the other day and came back 2 days later and my wrists are killing me...

    I guess it is the amount of lean when you ride.... a lot of new sportsbikes have got just as much lean...

    Possibly a new rearset would help.... bring your foot forward an inch and you will be leaning less...
  3. also found this on the net....

    NEW! Genuine Corbin Front Seat!

    Made of REAL Leather!

    Get one now and save yourself a lot of agony! Corbin's front saddle provides a greatly improved seating area that provides miles of sport touring comfort. Mildly dished to disperse your weight over a greater area without inhibiting your ability to move around on the bike or hang-off in the corners. Exclusive high-density Comfort CellĀ® foam provides a firm, supportive ride that adapts to your body after a break-in period. Additionally, Corbin has neutralized the seating position to curb the tendency to slide in the saddle which helps reduce fatigue on your wrists and knees.

    Corbin's patented molding and manufacturing process provides an excellent fit to every contour of the tail section and tank. The Fibertech basepan gives rigid support to the foam shape and rides on rubber bumpers to protect the paint.

    Rider Seating: 11" wide x 11.5" long
    Approx. Seat Height: 32"
  4. Maybe try backing off the compression damping on the forks. When I got my R1 my wrists were killing me, until I found that the compression damping was set to the fully hard jarring setting that killed my wrists and gave me sore shoulders.

    Backed off the compression settings, and although still slightly firmer than stock, I now find the bike quite comfortable and actually better handling.
  5. Don't know the model numbers on the ninja, so couldn't confirm.

    Gen Mar make some great ones.


    I got them for the monster, sorted out my shoulder issues straight away. Took about a week to get delivered from the US. (but they do weekly bulk shipments I think, so depends on your timing).
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  7. How long have you been riding it for? I am a noob to riding and got a zxr250 (zx2r) recently which has swept angular clip ons and a fairly aggressive riding position (about 45 degrees when in most upright position) and when I first got it I could only go about 15 mins before needing a rest and would wake up with stiff hands and wrists but after a month riding everyday I can easily go an hour or more and expect my wrists will keep getting stronger. Also my tank is a good shape for getting the knees in to support my weight rather than using my arms.


  8. So how long have all you poor boys been suffering from limp wrists?? :LOL: :p :p :shock:
  9. I have raised the bars on most of the bike.
    Sport touring bike bars are to far over ( down ) for me also to be comfortable on long rides. So doing that makes a jiant differance.
    The other thing I always fit is a throttle lock or cruise contol if ya will. It allows you to relax your hand every now & then. Combine the two & you will enjoy riding your 636.
    Dont let people tell you thottle locks dont work, or stick. It is just that most people dont know how to set em up properly.
  10. Mate in a coupla months my wrists will be fully conditioned like Stan the Man Longindis mate (imagine a certain stereotypical Mediterranean accent :wink:)

  11. You just need to hold onto the tank tighter with your legs to take the weight off of your hands.
  12. ZX6 & Wrists

    I have been riding it for about 4 months now and it's still a pain. I think the bars are just too low.

    Best comfort bike I ever had was the '00 VFR 800 and second is the '00 CBR600F.

    I've had a few bikes over the years and the new 636 is by far the worst to ride :( . I hope I can find bar lifters for it, I like the bike itself heaps.

    Thanks for all the responses. :grin:
  13. Hey I think you might be onto something here :) , I think I might give it a go. Because I find that the front is so hard, if I hit a bump I roll on the throttle :shock: .

    Will investigate this more, thanks :)
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  15. Will drop a message on that Forum thanks.

    Not sure going a '00 zx6r would've been the right bike tho ;)