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sore palms?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gixxer, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. gday guys, just got a silly question to pick ur brains...

    most of the time i ride my palms start to hurt, im not sure wat the cause is but if u guys have the solution pls let me know....



  2. Change at 99 :grin:

    Try to vary the positions of your hands/wrists.

    You will get over it eventually.
  3. i thinks its cause im a noob at it... its slowy going away.....
  4. try the double handed reverse grip.....
    or use one of those razors with the lubricating strip.. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

    Found the "meaty" part of the palm got a bit sore on rides. Initially put it down to the hard armour on the gloves but since the upgrade to the viffer, it's fine.
    I've put it down to bar position. Can you adjust the position of the clip-ons?
  5. im not quiet sure but il check on that... thanks mate...
  6. The part of the palm which got sore eventually turned into hard skin... or dead skin :p
  7. hope not trev....
  8. You're probably holding up your upper body weight using your wrists and putting too much pressure on your palms.

    If this is the case, then you need to conciously use your back and core stability muscles much more. You could even get a tank protector and 'rest' you stomach (if you have one) on the tank.

    You should be able to ride/take turns with minimal pressure on the handle bars. If you're riding right you hardly need to touch the handle bars except for the throttle and a little bit of steering input.

    The Ric
  9. So it wasn't the VFR upgrade....... having said that i don't have a stomach so much as a six tray pie warmer.....
  10. Make sure your gloves are a nice tight, snug fit. If they aren't the folds of extra leather will bunch up under your palm when you grip the handlebars.

    I got sore hands the other day and could feel the leather bunching up, then i realised the velcro adjusting strap wasn't done up, causing the glove to slip forward a little.

    One possible cause anyway.
  11. By your name I take it you ride a GSX! If so I just purchased an 06' model 600 and my palms were aching due to the rider position (weight down on wrists). Sit back, relax, don't grip too tight and definately twist your wrist till' it feels comfortable! :LOL:
  12. yeah

    I 2nd the relax idea... if your not stretching to reach the grips just relax your elbows/arms. I often find being in traffic tenses me up and when I remember to drop my elbows/relax my arms then I feel a heap better.
  13. Well put, everything above is true, it just takes time to learn, occasionally i will still get the pain, and realise i'm "slouching" on the bars
  14. thanks alot guys...... i do think its the way i sit at times.....

    resting my body weight on the handlebars...

    thanks...... :grin:
  16. What da stump said! :grin: