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sore neck

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Disco_Dave, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    I am relatively new to riding and for some reason whenever i go on a decent length ride (>1 hour or so) my neck gets really sore (between the shoulders).
    The longer the ride, the more sore the neck.

    Has anyone else had this happen and if so was there a way to fix it?
    My helmet isnt heavy (its really light) and my bike has an upright riding position (GS500).

  2. Are you relaxing your neck and shoulders when you ride? Stiff arms could also contribute to this as all the bumps in the road could be traveling up your arms.
  3. Mines worse. Im sleeping on an airbed at the moment!!!!!

    And yeah, itll be tension rather then helmet weight. Your body needs to adjust to the new position, and your brain needs to adjust to the new thing its nervous about doing ;).
  4. Some concrete??

    lol jks. Have you got an aftermarket windscreen or standard, and how tall are you? Where is your neck sore and where do you focus your eyes when riding? (i.e, very low, low, middle, high, or very high)
  5. +1 to relaxing your shoulders, its possible that you're a bit too rigid which wouldn't be making things too comfortable
  6. Difficult to tell sight unseen, go on one of the learner rides and ask one of the more experienced riders if the way your are sitting is putting weight on your shoulders. One general thing with new riders is that they are fairly tense and stiff because of the concentration levels required. As you ride more and get more comfortable, your stance will loosen up and the problem may pass. Also ride stamina is something you develop after time riding. So it may be a temporary thing, don't worry too much yet. :)
  7. I reckon you are hanging on too tight.
  8. Grip the bars like you're holding on to 2 bananas. Firm but not hard enough to squish them.

    Oh, and go to gym for some upper body workout :)
  9. The way you describe it makes it sound like you're gripping the bars too hard. Loosen up, you'll be more comfortable and your riding will be better.
  10. My 2nd wife had the same problem,I never could quite hear what she was mumbling tho
  11. i had the same problem, went away after about 2 weeks/800kms
  12. I used to have sore neck after . The problem was....*drum roll* i needed to HTFU. so i hit the gym a little and worked on my shoulders. After my shoulders got stronger. the soreness in the neck disappeared.
  13. It seriously isn't the problem, unless you have a major medical condition. I've never had the problem so I can't give actual suggestions, except to say that my first riding experience was several all day QRide session. The fact that I didn't have this problem leads me to suggest that you'd be looking at a different factor than the mere time spent on the bike.

    Maybe your stance, maybe windscreen, maybe bad bike; it'll be something specific & correctable.
  14. If you've never ridden bikes before, your body is using different muscles that it's not used to using when on the bike. I reckon it'll go away like with JimmyD, after your body gets used to this new position. Relaxing your upper body wouldn't hurt aswell
  15. Yea,
    I used to get this too sometimes.
    Also on a GS500.
    I thought is was doing head checks at highway speeds.
    Might be a combination of things, being tense, quick head movements, wind, etc.
  16. Alot of it wull be that your body is not 'bike fit'.
    As the other guys have said, it could be you, all tensed in the shoulders etc. Give it a few months of solid riding, and it will usually go away. In the meantime keep the rises frquent but around an our long foe a while.

    If it continues and is bad, you need someone to look at your riding position.

    Otherwise you may have an underlying medical condition that is being aggrevated.