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Sore leg - lack of prior use or poor boots or....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rusti_GotRage, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Firstly - I understand that most [all?] of you are not doctors and nothing said here will constitute as professional medical (or legal - just to cover all bases :p ) advice from anyone...
    <insert standard disclaimer here>

    So moving on - having reached the end of my 4th day of actually riding (Just brimming with experience [NOT! - Pls note the [NOOB] tag in my title!]), I've noticed that my left leg is bloody sore sometimes.

    Specifically, the shin on my left leg feels sometimes like someone is sticking hot pokers in it if I move it the wrong way. It seems ok for normal walking and standing, but if I'm sitting in an office chair and go to use my leg to drag my ass (on the chair) across the room, it hurts like a son-of-a-b*tch sometimes! Likewise it gives a similar, though strangely not as extreme pain when I lift it onto the left peg and when I pull it out to start gearing down.

    The top of my left leg, up at the hip and groin, also aches and has muscle soreness, but I attribute that to the lifting of my leg from the left peg and stomping the gears down. That one I'm fairly ok with as I figure it will go away as I 'train up' the muscles in that area.

    It's the first one with the shin soreness I am concerned about.

    Now - at this point it should be mentioned that I'm NOT riding with proper motorcycle boots (yet!). I've had trouble finding ones that fit me, so at present I'm wearing my Bisley steel capped high topped leather work boots - figuring they're better than my ratty sneakers or my Oliver elastic sided slip-on work shoes. I'm aware of the steel caps == bad for motorcyclists, but as a cruiser rider, there's not a lot of toe down stuff going on, unlike on a sports bike, and as mentioned, I feel these are the lesser of the available evils.

    Would the shoes be a contributing factor to the apparent muscle strain in the shin? Would proper boots assist in easing this?

    Is this shin pain also just a 'it goes over time as your leg gets used to the different use of muscles' pain???

    Could the placement of levers/pegs be a factor that I need to address?

    So folks - whaddya reckon? :)
  2. I'd say go see a doctor :D but my 3rd leg always kills when I hit a pothole :)
  3. I was riding in steel capped blundstones and found that the cap made the boots too thick at the toe so I had to hold my ankle in an uncomfortable position to shift up (the gear lever and peg is very close on my VTR250). I found it much more comfortable to ride in my non-steel capped dress boots (basically shiny blundstones) as the toe is thinner.

    Haven't got proper bike boots yet as they are all very expensive and I need some that I can walk normally in.

    It may be my riding position is wrong, I also have melted a bit of my right heel on the bottom end of the exhaust.
  4. I've never ridden a cruiser so not sure if this would affect you or not but I found when first starting out riding that I used to hit my lower calves/shins with my footpeg when I was taking off and stopping. Given all the adrenaline I had due to the excitement of riding, I never noticed the times when I was hitting my leg but I bruise easily so I found the evidence later.

    Maybe you've been hitting your leg with the footpeg and not noticed?
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  6. Only in urban myth in Australia. Riders in other countries don't seem to have problems with them.

    I'd say it's unlikely to be your boot choice. I've been riding in high leg, lace up work boots for more than 20 years and never had a problem that could be traced to them.

    It seems more likely that it's the use of unaccustomed muscles while you're in an unaccustomed body position. The shin soreness certainly sounds like the result if lifting your toe for upchanges.

    I,d give it another few days of acclimatisation before worrying about it. I'd also recommend reading the thread Uncle Hornet's Pedal Seminar regarding correct adjustment of foot controls.
  7. Ive heard people getting excited and joy from riding their bike, but your level of excitement is something else :).

    As for Rusti's pain, mate its really hard to tell without a proper picture of your bike/position and the boots your wearing. Its probably better to get it check out by the doctor since it could be muscle or it could be something like a small fracture.
  8. Where did you buy them mate? Those boots look like a perfect compromise for riding and walking around. Is it all black with no shiny/different colours? Im still looking for a riding boots that I could wear in the office without being noticed and someday wear to the tracks.

  9. ROFL - Nice Goz :p I didn't know you could change gears with that though :rofl:

    ....and that's why I'm in the leather work boots and not the sneakers (y)

    Looked this morning - no evidence of bruising that I can see - will try to be a bit more conscious of what's happening when I take off and see...

    Hey - at $150 sounds great - Where can I get them in Aust/Melb? Or do I just order from one of their online dealers?

    Thanks for the advisory PatB - mate of mine at work who rides suggested I wait till I've been riding for at least a fortnight before declaring it an issue - unless it gets MUCH worse, then he said to see a quack ASAP.

    And I'll checkout that thread of Unky Hornets!.

    Thanks everyone!
  10. Dunno about the XV but with most bikes there's usually some degree of adjustment in where the shifter pedal sits. Could be that it's in the wrong spot for you, and having to move your foot to unnatural positions to change gear is causing muscle strain.
  11. Hey Az, just took a quick vid for you (with the phone). PM me your email and I'll flick it over to you.
    BTW, I bought them from Bike Gear Warehouse.
    I can tell you they are waterproof. The only time I've ever got a wet sock (and only on one foot) was on the last Pink Ribbon Ride, which should have been the Pink Ribbon Boat Ride.
  12. Bike Gear Warehouse used to have a Factory Outlet at Narellan (NSW), but alas no more.
    As far as I know, they only retail online now. Shame.
    Hope this helps.
  13. Ordered :p

    They either fit, and it's awesome, or they don't and it's e-bay :D
    But for $150, I can't really go too wrong. :) Ta!
  14. Happy to help.
  15. PM/Email sent.

    I remember the Pink Ribbon ride, what a wet day that was.
  16. Go and see a doctor/physio definitely.

    From what you have described, it sounds a lot like nerve pain referred from lower back. I am not a professional in this area by any means, but have heard a few similar stories. It may not be - however it does sound very nervy and the "red hot poker in leg" description is a classical symptom of referred back pain in many cases.

    Especially with your description of it arriving when sitting down, moving in certain conditions which is a big indicator given the back is under about 1/3 more load sitting than standing.

    Pain going further up.... Nerves..... I'd almost lay money on there being something back related.
  17. I ride in steel caps, cruiser and sports bikes, No trouble at all,
    It appears your sitting in an uncomfortable position on your bike,
    Cramps and leg pain are common as you are sitting in the same spot for an extended time with out moving,
    Get off the bike every 50 or 100 klms and walk around, See if that helps,
    I have to stop every 50 or 100 kays for heather, she gets cramps when she is on the back of mine from just sitting there,
    Slumping in your seat will give you cramps as well.
  18. As said above, possibly referred pain or not bike related. I suffer from terrible shin soreness but riding a bike doesn't affect it at all, even the few times that I've ridden with badly adjusted brake and gear levers. Maybe have it checked out.
  19. I have a mild bulged disc in my back but its my leg that hurts - radiated pain - get it checked if it bothers you. Mine rarely bothers me, and riding is more comfortable for me then being in the cage (tend to slouch in the car).
    Also, wont hurt to stand on the edge of a step on the balls of your feet leaving your ankles hanging off, and stretch up and down with your feet.
  20. give it a week or so. if it gets better, its coz you're a pussy and not used to using those muscles.

    if it doesn't get better, you've probably got something wrong and go to a doctor or something :D