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Sore Hands

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Cezza, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    I'm a real newbie ( got my Learners) and have picked up lots of great advice from these forums. Tks to all everyone who takes the time to give us new riders tips and help.

    I picked up my bike on the weekend and so far have spent a few hours just riding around my immediate neighbourhood. I'm a little nervous to brave the big roads but I guess that will come in a few more days.

    I'm finding that after about 20 minutes riding, my hands, particularly my thumbs are beginning to ache. Can anyone tell me if this is due to the levers being to far away or am I gripping on to tight?
  2. g'day and welcome aboard. and to the workd of bikes :D

    IMO, it would be from holding on too tight. its something most of us do when we learn. just try to conciously (sp?) relax your hands and see if it makes a difference. also would be from your hands not used to holding something for that long either.
  3. The search function is your friend :)
    This has been answered millions of times.

    Relax your grip on the handle bars. Squeeze those knees together to hold the tank, then support your upper weight with your abbs. Takes a bit of getting used, but your rides will extend and extend.

    Post up a proper hello in the Welcome Lounge section of the forums. Welcome to Netrider.
  4. Probably gripping too tightly. Are you relaxed? Loose on top tight on bottom (ie. grip the tank with your knees). There are some other threads similar to this one but I think its because you are riding with a rigid upper body instead of loose and flowing. :)
  5. Welcome to NR.
    Imagine your grips are hard boiled eggs .. now ride without breaking them open. :wink:
  6. you might have too much weight on your hands compressing the balls of your thumb. you should be able to flap your elbows like a chook as you ride along (hint: choose your time).
  7. Hint- don't flap your arms like a chicken in front of the cops :shock:
  8. you are probably gripping too tight, just try to grip it like you are gripping 'something else'

    for long rides as you get more experinced you can try a throttle rocker but try a few short rides with that first so you get it positioned 'just right'
  9. Like everyone said.. relax your hands arms and grip tighter with your legs. I am a learner too and I used to get sore hands, wrist, albows etc etc. Keep in mind the posture lesson they taught you at L's test. It really works :)
  10. Thanks everyone for the tips. I promise I won't flap my arms like a chook in front of the police.

    I'm heading out for more practice today so I'll concerntrate on tight bottom and loose top. :)
  11. I got out there again today and practiced relaxing my upper body and squeezing with my legs and it was heaps better. I even ventured a little further afield.
    Thanks for all the tips. :)
  12. What happens when there are no new topics???

    Nobody is allowed to post anymore?
  13. Just an alternative idea to the "gripping too hard" theory...

    When I first got my bike, I didn't have gloves. Rode it around a bit, got used to the gears (never on the road in case you're wondering). Anyway, got used to it, went and bought gloves which were tight, but the guy said "they'll stretch". The difference between tight gloves and no gloves is quite unexpected. And I was getting sore fingers, especially thumb, because I was trying to stretch the leather at the same time as using the controls.

    If you have new gloves that need stretching, that might be a factor as well.