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sore butt on cruiser

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by heathermac, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    need suggestions/experience on how to adapt my cruiser seat or maybe handle bars, ??? on my Hyosung Aquilla 250, so my tail bone is basically not having much contact with the seat in that particular area.
    Have tried the air hawk, no effect.
    Have tried extra foam, no effect.
    we're thinking maybe lower handle bars so I lean forward to change the upright position.??
    We looked at hollowing out the seat in that area??? not much there to hollow out.
    custom seat? no promises from the guy who does that, so don't feel like spending $300 and not know if it's going to work or not.
    Any ideas please.
    Panadol works every 4 hrs. ](*,)
    Cheers H

  2. For a long term solution try krispy kremes
  3. May I be ignorant "what the hell" is that????
    cheers H
  4. Your problem is with coming into contact with the pillion seat?
  5. No, she doesnt rest against the pillion seat, already checked that one out, I also moved it back so she clears it,
  6. No, we moved that back a little.
    I have a back issue and believe it's the "jarring" coming from the up right position so I need to take the pressure OFF the spine.
    When I'm pillion on the b/bird I can handle hrs. of riding, because I'm slightly leaning forward, I still get issues with it, but no where like on the cruiser.
  7. A mildly radical option, but perhaps needful if other strategies don't work:

    Do you know somebody who can work with metal? ;) What about raising the seat and rearward-setting the pegs (not racer style, more mid-way classic road-bike style)? Create the sit up and beg position, that should fix it.
  8. have your tail bone surgically removed.
    or grow a much larger bottom. (like Goz did)
    or get a different bike... like, a real bike.

    *cue deadman tearing me a new one*

    thing is, most guys who ride cruisers have allready had their tailbones shattered into small segments by constantly ramming fat penises into their rectum. (not that theres anything wrong with that)

    sorry, but the solutions that would/might work just can't be applied to a small cruiser. unfortunately most of your body weight is being supported in a small area. unless you can find a way to spread more of your body weight over a wider area, theres no other way.
    you need a more neutral riding position on something like a naked sportsbike. with a nice fat tank you can get right up close to and wrap your thighs around, with your weight on our toes. ( should you decide to opt for that, start doing sit-ups now.)
  9. Me, Steel is my forte,

    Raised it at the front, extra padding, Was going to remove a piece out of the rear of the seat, but it is not very thick, so a waste of time trying there.

    I suggested lower and more forward bars to make her lean forward, taking the strain off her spine,

    Seems to be a common cruiser problem,
  10. Sounds like the seating position itself is the problem rather than the seat... Is there an un-used Blackbird floating around that you could maybe use instead?


    That said, a custom seat might help, do Corbin or similar make an aftermarket seat for your bike?
  11. I know it might seem strange, but can you adjust the preload and/or damping. A mate of mine has a VT750c and was complaining of much the same thing. Adjusting the pre-load seemed to help, it's still an issue but not as bad.

    It is a common problem with cruisers and the further forward the controls the worse the problem.

    Maybe you really need to consider a different style of bike.
  12. The answer to that is a definate, NO,

    I think we might get her a sports bike later on, The cruiser is killing her back,
  13. She could always go 'halfway' and get something like a FZ6, FZ8, ER6, GSR600, BMWF800R, et el. But unless they've changed the seat design in recent years don't get a Monster.
  14. She has to wait for her Lams period to expire first,
  15. How long? Can she put up with it until she's off LAMS?

    I've known people, not just new riders, who effectively stopped riding because they didn't enjoy riding their current bike. They changed the bike and hey presto they're riding all the time.....

    I understand you may not be able to afford it, but it might be worth looking at older LAMS approved 400-650cc bikes for her.
  16. Lack of funds is one,
    But I think she will just have to go on shorter runs till she can up grade,
    400 klm runs kill her back,
    And I stop every hour or so for her when on the Bird,
    Old age might be catching up to her, Hahahahahahaaha
    She's gonna kill me for that one, hahahahaha
  17. Understood. Hey, give the pre-load a tweek, it might help, it certainly won't hurt, well anymore than it does now.
  18. Oooooh yeh,
    That's the best laugh I've had all week, =D>
    Well, until I saw his reaction, then I laughed and laughed some more.
    I'm extremely lucky to be even able to pillion on it, let alone even thinking of using parts.
    thanks for your tips
    cheers H
  19. I'm here all week, try the veal!
  20. Hi heather, sorry to hear about your trouble. When I was first looking at MCs, I was going to get a cruiser. I spent some time looking at them, but after a while, it was clear that I would have trouble with my back. (I've had back problems too.. operations helped, but I still need to be very careful). With the cruiser, all of the jolting up and down seems to be absorbed by your back because your legs are out in front. In the end, I went with a CB400 which is a standard position. This means my feet are almost directly under my hips and I'm reasonably upright. With my feet being under my hips, any jolts can be absorbed with my legs instead of my back.

    I know funds may be an issue, but perhaps you'd get enough for your current bike to look into a naked of some kind?? Just a thought.