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Sore bottom

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Joleda, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Hi all, hope you all had a nice Christmas!

    I recently rode just over 200km in a hit on my striple and was in incredible pain, I normally do around 90-100km a day so I never expected it to be so uncomfortable doing that little bit extra. My bottom hurt a hell of a lot and I ended up with shooting pains in my left shoulder and arm, so I rode the last 50km one handed. (lucky the pain wasn't in my right shoulder :unsure:)

    I know the shoulder pain is just a preexisting issue but the bottom pain I can fix!

    I saw a post below about airhawks and was considering them, but I have heard good things about gel seats also (Corbin i think)
    I wouldn't want to purchase from overseas (maybe the UK) but predominately want to purchase something from Australia.

    Does anyone have any input on the different seat comfort accessories? Gel vs air vs sheepskin vs brands etc.

    I don't want to be in a position where I don't want to do long distance trips or go on a day ride with a group and don't enjoy it because of the pain. :(

    also as an extra, I found it really odd that I have done the same trip before on my 250 ninja and while it certainly wasn't comfortable I didn't end up in the same amount of pain as on the striple!

    thanks in advance!
  2. I had an airhawk I bought when I first started riding long stretches, but sold it when I was between bikes. It helped a lot, and I'd recommend it. Just don't put too much air in them, less is better... Also you might not be able to move one buttock off the seat if you are into that knee down stuff.

    My butt must have hardened up since, as I don't have this issue nowadays

    Do you stand on the pegs at all? This helps both your butt and helps stretch your legs a bit so you won't cramp...
  3. This happened to me the first month or so. I spent no money.... just sucked it up and slowly increased ride length.... I'm fine now.
  4. I've got an airhawk (small pillion) on my striple and it works well. Put up without it for about a year. It does push me forward a bit into a slightly more aggressive seating position though. Cheaper than a gel seat so I tried it first. Have to lift my bum rather than slide across the seat so if you play hard get a gel one or your original reshaped.
  5. Some lateral thinking, buy a pair of cyclist shorts with the padding on the pressure points, wear them under your leathers or Draggins...
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  6. The truth is, only road time will harden you up. Got to do some longer days building up your tolerance. But Airhawk will get you there with less pain I guess.
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  7. Airhawk all the way. Its adjustable and distributes weight during the ride. Also elevates you a small bit (good for taking the bend out of the legs a bit on the Kwaka 650 I had it on.

    Based on mattresses for preventing bedsores in patients so does work well.

    Cheers Spocky
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    Yeah I am always up on the pegs, particularly over any rough patches of road or bumps & speed bumps, and I like to shake my ass at idiots as I blow past sometimes :rolleyes: and my partner when I overtake him. :LOL:

    So you can't really slide at all I'm guessing then? also do you find that there is a significant increase off the ground? I am on tippies as it is.

    I did consider, but its just too damn hot to be putting on more clothing, and my bum will look big! :p
  9. Can't really slide. Still move around though. No real increase in height. I'm a tippy toer too. There's just enough air in it to get my bum off the seat.
  10. Google John Moorehouse seats,he is in your neck of the woods.He does cutom trimming to your seat at a cost about the same as the high end air hawks.I would have recomended on of them or the pushy shorts but adding high and bum size seem to be out.John can sort you out with less padding reducing hight and more comfort.In my case I would get pins and needles in my left leg after 3 or 4 hours.BTW take care using gel inserts,I have one on another bike and in dirrect sun light it gets dangously hot and stays like that for hours.I use a sheepskin to stop it absorbing heat.I am taking blistering arse burns.
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  11. What works for one does not always work for the next person, seating is a real personal thing and has been discussed to death in the Long Distance Riding Community many times.

    This is my experience.

    I bought my 1400GTR new in 2011, I never liked the stock seat, it pushed me forward into the tank all the time, worse under braking, It was Okay riding around locally (< 400Km) but gave me an incredibly sore rear end that was sore for days after a long ride (>1000Km)

    The Bars were too low for me and caused cramp in my shoulders and neck,

    I tried an Airhawk and a Beadrider on the stock seat first, then I bought a Corbin Seat, the Corbin seat is a hard seat but comfortable, changed the whole seating position.

    Now I ride with the Corbin seat and the Beadrider, the other thing I did was raise my bars 50mm and pull them back 25mm, this along with the Corbin improved my seating position immensely.

    It took a while but I found the combination that suits me.

    Just so we have some perspective here my last long distance ride last month was 2606km in 33hours, 2.5 hrs fuel and toilet stops, 2.5 hrs rest, 28 hours in the saddle.

    I was tied sure but I was not sore the next day.

    It takes time in the saddle to get used to riding past your comfort zone.

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  12. The gel insert I was refering to was built into the seat,not the ones on pushy shorts.
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  13. thanks for the replies all time to weigh up the options. The local guy John seems good from a quick google search, only one bad comment about timeframes and customer service, but you cant please everyone i guess.
  14. But the others are right, you will get more mileage as you rack up more mileage...
  15. I think we could analyse your particular problem better if we had a picture of your butt :)
  16. hahahaha. Think bony... no padding what so ever

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  17. +heaps for John Moorhouse. He can reshape the seat for you to avoid pressure points and uses his own foams for a much better result. To get an idea of how well regarded he is, much of his work is redoing under-performing Corbin and Sargent seats, as well as rebuilding top of the line tourer and sports tourer seats. Talk to him about what you want; he knows his stuff.
  18. I suppose given the context someone should post a link to a certain Sir Mixalot video on YouTube.
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  19. Comfort? Style? Pick one.
  20. Eat more, more padding for your bum.