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Sore Balls

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VBman, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I havent been riding long, maybe 400km total. But i notice i get really sore balls after a while, i dunno if im sitting wrong or what, but i often have to shuffle around to get more comfortable. I wouldnt say i have too much down there, about average or whatever, so is it normal to get sore balls? Its on a sportsbike.

    lol at this question ><

  2. Try some good lycra boxer shorts for a better fit and more control. Now try grip the tank more with your knees.
  3. Has anybody tried to remove some foam to create a compartment in the seat for IT?
  4. Get over it.
  5. Stop humping the tank.
  6. I usually wear boxers, but find normal undies offer better support and are more comfortable, at least for me.

    I had a good look before posting this, and couldn't find any stickied threads on undies............... perhaps I should rephrase that :LOL:
  7. Perhaps emptying before you ride may help?
  8. Sit with one on each side of tank, or wear crutchless pants and stick a piece of velcro on the tank , then use your balls to hold onto the tank with.
  9. is it the mighty knackers themselves or do you need to stretch those muscles and tendons at the top of your legs?
  10. :shock:
    this is new!
    ive heard sore everything but not this one.
    ive heard squeezed balls for shorter rider on late models R6 due to their high seat height.
    Does your bike vibrate alot?
  11. Like phiz said stop humping the tank
  12. Knackers themselves i find im either sitting on them or pushing them against the tank/seat.

    Yes it vibrates a lot under low/medium throttle at about 10,000rpm.
  13. what make, model & year exactly?? So I'll know I shouldnt get on this bike in the future... :LOL:

    I mean, if you narrow it down, then you will prob hear from other riders who ride similar. I dont usually sit all the way upfront where the tank protector is.
  14. Ride more wildly so they shrink in fear :p
  15. Glad I don't have them!

    You COULD have them removed? I mean you have to choose right? Balls or bike....
  16. haha try sitting further back on the seat, and carrying most of your weight on the footpegs not the seat, that works for me
  17. If you had them your IQ would be double what it is now. :grin:

    But yeah, get them chopped off. I just had my dog done and he's happy enough, in a eunuch sort of way.
  18. #18 Lobsta, Nov 3, 2008
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  19. See that would hurt if it were true :wink:

    But still not as much as VBmans balls... I think??
  20. VBman said:
    Hmmm. Maybe I am doing it wrong but I don't think you are meant to sit on them.