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sore back.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by paynebrody, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. hey everyone. im just starting out and have recently purchased a 2000 model zzr-250. im finding that my back is getting pretty sore though after a ride. has anyone else experienced this? any ideas?

  2. I get this too, after a decent ride i always feel it in my back the next day...i think over time this will go away when the muscles in your back build up a bit more strength
  3. Don't try to build your back muscles, build your stomach muscles.

    Grip the tank with your legs and keep your stomach a little tense. Don't forget to breathe.

    Given time your legs and stomach will get used to it and not only will you have a sexy stomach, but you'll also have fewer back problems.
  4. If youre a decent sized person, a 250 is going to be cramped, it just comes with the bike. Sore back, sore nuts :LOL:

    Back protectors may help or make the problem worse. Sometimes I dont put on mine properly and it puts tension in odd spots on my back, makes it a lot worse.
  5. Yepyep; motorcycling uses different muscles to most other things, or at least uses them in different ways. Just like playing an unfamiliar sport for the first time (or after a long break).

    Your body will adapt itself a bit; building up more strength where it's needed, etc.

    That said, it may be worth looking up some of the threads about riding posture - supporting your torso's weight using your leg muscles and abdominal muscles to keep your arms free to move, and so on. :)
  6. how tall are you?
    i'm a bit over 6'2 and had the same problem on the zzr when starting out. the body will adjust to it.
    adjust your posture til you find something that works, like everyone says, use your legs and stomach to hold on.
    stretch out at the lights, sitting in the same cramped position for a while will get painful no matter what you're doing.
  7. go get a rub and tug, youll be right :grin:
  8. Core strength is what you need to work on.

    It will get better as time goes by but I hear ya, been there, done that......or is that doing that??? I'm not sure of late.
  9. i had to go physio the other day from a painful back.

    Im not sure wether to slant a little or try to keep the back straigt.
  10. Wear Skins. If your going on a long trip wear them under your gear and if your sore afterwards wear them to bed.
  11. yeah im about 175cm, so im def not cramped on the bike. i think it is just a matter of new muscles being exercised. every ride seems to feel a bit better. i certainly dont feel it in my abs though, just the back. ill try the 'ab squeeze' while im underway and see if it helps. thanks guys :)
  12. relax the arms too or else you'll be getting sore shoulders on top of it too.

    but, like what Viator and vic said, if you definitely want to do something to improve this then core strength exercises will help. Core strength means both abs and lower back, with the focus more on the abs.
  13. core strength...
    pilates is awesome,even just 5 ish minutes a day makes a huge difference, working the real deep stomach muscles.. plus you'll end up with decent abba dabbas...
  14. You could also look into doing Swiss (gym) ball exercises.. They are also good for your core strength.
  15. dont sleep on a couch like i did :p
  16. I'd just start doing a few longer and longer rides.

    Something which might help also is a back protector (one that looks a bit like a weight belt with a turtle shell on the back of it). They tend to help keep the load off your back a bit (and extra safety even if it doesn't help)
  17. ditto @ nath, I had the same problem , just have to ride more, and you'll get you muscles used to it.