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Sore Arse !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Blue Twin, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. After about 120 km's or so, I can barely sit on my seat 'cause my arse is so sore. Is this something you get used to or is there something to help ? Do sheepskin covers help at all ?

  2. Dont know about sheepskin , never used it . U will eventually get use to it ,the longer u ride the more distance u will get before it starts to numb up but u will still feel it . Just that u wont feel it for longer (if that makes sense) . I could normally do about 200 kays on my ninjaZX9 before my butt hurt . Hopefully with the new bike i will last longer .The pain i cant seem to get rid of is the partner hitting me on the head .
  3. My folks went round Tassie on the bike (two-up), and the sheepskin is what saved their butt's. Go the sheepskin, it makes a huge difference.
    It might take you a couple of rides to get used to it though. :)
  4. Thanks. I'll suss' one out. I think I saw a post on someone who does custom jobs.
  5. Blacksheep Australia Sheepskin
    92b Maroondah Hwy Ringwood 3134
    (03) 9879 1797


  6. 200ks? Wow, my butt gets sore after 50ks or so, then I have to wiggle it or stand up.
  7. I must have a big , cushier butt. :D
  8. i inserted some layers of wet sit material in to my seat and it has helped heaps , but the unfortunate thing is that most 250 have crappy seats compared to the bigger bikes
  9. I plan on making a whole new back end from carbon fibre or fibre glass with a single seat. Then I will suss out some different materials to use for padding.
  10. Stand up, sit forward, sit back but move around a bit on the seat helps the circulation. I can relate to this being on the Across..
  11. Bought my Across with a sheepskin on it already. I looked and thought "Man, looks pretty girly, first thing that's going is that" I then rode it home 30 minutes, and it's still on there today. It's not going anywhere. :LOL:
  12. More time on the bike fixes all probs 8)
  13. Get a ZZR :p
  14. NOOOOOOOOOOO , buy a HONDA :p
  15. yes we know minna, why do you think we like to be behind you on a ride :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. It took me a while to get my posture right but now I have & my butt feels more comfy & I feel more confident in my riding!
  17. Gee, you're making me self conscious. :oops: Everytime I'm about to go out on a rider, I'll be asking myself, will my butt look big? or maybe small? Does it go well with leather? And does black suit me? Or should I get something with slimming lines? :LOL:

    And here I thought you guys were behind me looking out for my safety when all you were doing was looking at my butt. Muhaha, I'm flattered.
  18. Damn you Sluglie! I used to look forward to the 50k stand and wiggle.
    then again now she knows we all admire her butt so much, she might wiggle it more often for us!

    :LOL: :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
  19. O.K, my longest ride so far has been from Pakenham, Bairnsdale to Bright via Hotham in one day and I can't remember ever having a sore butt.

    WoW..My bike must be comfy as :)
  20. I just did Canberra to Sydney and back on my ZZR and god it was paaaaaaainful. It put me off riding my bike for 1 whole day!!!

    Maybe I need to stop exercising and put some fat onto my ass... :p