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soozie from sa

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by soozie, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone, just joined up my fiance (jphanna) you must know who I'm talking about is also on here.
    Just got my learners this week and went out to buy a secondhand bike today and gave up on all the rubbish out there and purchased a new one instead a mini cruiser from Peter Stevens which John will collect on Monday. Hope to join in on the conversations in the future.

    In the mean time I'm going to read all the hints in the newbie section.

  2. Welcome to NR.

    Lots of good stuff here.
  3. Hi soozie.

    Congrats on the new bike.
  4. hi soozie

    we knew you were coming

    welcome :LOL:
  5. A new female on netrider???

    Watch this thread EXPLODE.
  6. Welcome, you probably know what to expect from this thread. I am counting down.
    Have great fun riding, we have some great roads.
  7. :worthlesspics:

    Not sure any of us are brave enough...... Given the connection.

    Welcome the new rider section really helped me and still does.

    Have a look at the stickies great stuff there.

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS grats on the new bike.
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  8. Stuff it ill do then
    Are you hot ?
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  9. Welcome Soozie

    Once you get the bike, post a pic. I just love cruisers.
  10. O and welcome
    Hope to see both of ya around the traps
    Wife n i are both new i just finished ridersafe
    Wife on L plates n we are CRUISERS )
  11. Welcome. To nr :)
  12. Good on ya Phil....the obligatory "are you hot" has been done....the new "female type" can settle in now (y)

    Welcome to NR.....
  13. Thanks very much for your warm welcome. Pic's will come soon....:)
  14. wait to be clear, will these pics be of the bike? or to settle the question of whether you're hot or not?

  15. Welcome go NR. (y)
  16. This threads going to be good.

    Welcome to nr.
  17. Add some bike pics as well lol
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    Welcome :) more South Australia's the better!

  19. I can see a Vic SA meet up happening