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Soooper Bikes at Symmonds

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Iffracem, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. As per this post

    I've booked my tickets, anyone else going?

    only $35 for Saturday and Sunday... Bargain!

  2. would love to but I'll be on the high seas in the south pacific when this comes around. Just my luck to be somewhere else when we finally get some good racing.
  3. was gunna try to come home for this.. but cant make it.. im gunna head up to winton when they are up there the week after GP.

    enjoy the races. au supers are great.
  4. Yeah, tickets arrived today (booked online) I'm in like flynn!!

    Also organised a coupla nights accomodation at a friends place in Sheffield, so I get to enjoy races, excellent roads to and from to ride on, and a coupla great nights to enjoy drinking heaps of Tullamore Dew with a good friend....

    Nirvana wouldn't be as good!!
  5. I will deffo be in!
    Can't wait! Not sure if I'll go for both days or just the Sun..?
    I will buy my tickets at the gate..hopefully
  6. its tassie dear.. 3 hints

    its close to launceston, take a baseball bat or something for your own security (kidding - bout the bat thing)

    itc tassie, its gunna be freakin cold.

    its tassie, tickets at the gate wont be a problem
  7. i know they continue to race in the wet, what about snow??

    i've seen snow there mid November

  8. this is just typical... chance to go to symmonds plains - nice short ride away - and i'll be in queensland with 4 kids (one half mine and his cousins!)... d'oh

    next time i guess... :cry:

  9. Jo, isn't that near where you live? Are they saying Launceston is not like Toorak? Or Kew?
  10. i cant imagine what they mean... must not be from this bit of lonnie... it has its 'rough' spots... yes, symmonds is less than half an hour away


  11. So, half a kid is yours and three and a half are cousins???
    Always thought the northerners were weird, but heh! not that weird!!!

    (just joking :grin: )
  12. Dunno about that, we get so few decent racing events it might just get a couple or three show up.

    The V8 super(boring)cars got a good turnout earlier this year.

    You can get tickets online anyway, and Honda are supposed to be giving away 6000 free tickets to kids 15 years or younger. (so if your a short-arse, and don't rock up riding a motorbike)

  13. If it does rain/snow I'm gunna visit you and shyte in ya letterbox!!!!
  14. hey - I cant exactly claim him as mine when i'm not his mum can I?

    :) ... and I'm not really a Tasmanian (yet).... I havent been here long enough :wink:

    Very funny though :LOL: