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Soooooo.... Who rides a Treadly??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Coconuts, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. and what have you got?

    i dont do a lot of riding these days, no frigging time since malissa got preggers - put on a bit of baby fat myself too :LOL:. but i still got a couple of bikes that i promise i will start riding again :grin:

    bike 1 is an 02 GT avalanche 2.0 that i got on special. its since seen a little bit of upgrading.... to the point where the only thing left is the frame :LOL:
    fox vanilla RL 100mm forks
    shimano deore LX derailleurs & shifters
    shimano deore hydraulic disc brakes
    nice comfy BG gel seat (it is a hardtail after all :LOL: )
    oversize bars (wait on! i've managed to keep the handgrips too, best grips i've ever had)
    PD-M545 pedals
    and some other stuff i dont remember...

    feckin great bike the avalanche, even tho its not really one anymore. the best frame i've had, just feels so right. i had an avanti barracuda for a while but ditched it because i didn't like the frame.

    bike 2 is the mess around / spare bike. its an avanti montari with slight upgrades to the gearing and forks, but really its just made from bits and pieces left over from various projects. its cool tho, its got kawasaki green barends :LOL:

    i mostly rode to work and back and a little here and there around home, the RL forks are great for this with the easy lockout on them. only done a little bit of PROPER offroad riding (not just stuffing around in local parks :LOL: ) but you know how it is, the bike has to be as good as your budget will permit, even if you dont use it to its potential :cool:

    so what/where does everyone else ride??

  2. LOL - too slow, too dangerous! :), i ahve a motorbike in the garage, why would i ride a pushbike?

    Kinda like hvaing an ocean going speedboat and taking your row boat out :)
  3. Coco, in the name of all that is holy, get help man!

  4. <=====, plus a malvern star hack, latest project is the traditional 26" forks onto the young fellas treadly with the 10" wheels, he wants an orange county chopper, Ahh to be 8 years old again! :LOL:
  5. bwahahahahaa :LOL:

    lazy bastards just dont understand :p :p

    its fun getting all sweaty and sore goddamnit!!
  6. A Giant Boulder SE (hardtail) with aftermarket front shocks (forget the brand) with increased travel and aftermarket bars. Now looking very much worse for wear after many years of riding through the bush (quite often not on tracks :grin:). It used to get regular use as a commuter too but I use the Kat for that now since I have further to go each day.
    Edit: Oh also running aftermarket alloy pedals, the standard plastic ones didn't last long before breaking off.
  7. Diamond VLink full suspension upgrade with:

    XTR V brakes and levers
    Manitou forks
    WTB over size wheels
    Nokian 2.4 downhill tyres
    Crow Bar downhill bars
    Shimano clipless DX pedals
    Richey seat post
    WTB seat
    Oury grips - these are the best grips by a mile.

    Don't get me started on the riding gear, john luck downhill shoes, fox jersey and gloves, bell full face helmet, I must stop now.
  8. GT XCR 4000 Full suspension and all that iDrive Goodness.
    Previos bike was an ATX 840

    Havn't done a lot of riding of late. it is a visios circle of feel shitty so don't ride, dont ride so get outa shape, outa shape so feel shitty (back to the begining)
  9. I know the feeling :beer:
  10. Shogun Trailbreaker II Mountain Bike.
    I use this predominantly to cycle to work. I also cycle to the shops and on weekends I sometimes go for leisure cycles around the suburbs.

    Alchemy road bike.
    I haven't ridden this bike for about 2 years now. It's currently hanging from the garage ceiling wrapped in a bed sheet. I keep promising to take it down and give it some use, but it always ends up a broken promise.
  11. See profile.

    A twenty five year old 'racer' that gets me 9k each way to work and back. (when the weather is OK, and I don't have something big to carry, and I don't really want to take the motorbike, and I 'feel' like it.) Have been averaging one or two days a week.
  12. It's clear that you are not into boats.
  13. I have a crappy KHS thingo. Old school cro-moly frame and a set up gummed up solid front forks. It has done about a billion kays.

    I have rebuilt the drive train once already and I am on the second set off wheels, brakes and pedals (why do the always stuff up?)

    It is set up for commuting/road riding at the moment but I will fix my 200 buck old school Colnage road bike soon. It needs a set of pedals, seat post (They ALWAYS help) and other bits and pieces. I particullay like the flouro yello paint job it sports. Matchs the pink lycra nicely.

    I am feeling pretty fit at the moment and am debating getting the road bike ready for the around the bay in a day.

    As for the motorcycle v bicycle thing, I will pretty much ride anything with two wheels. The GF also claims I will crash anything with two wheels. Falling of the back of a farm trike while attempting a wheelie does not add to the running crash total.
  14. stock as a rock Mongoose Pro Rockadile mountanie :grin:

    Have only started getting back into the dirt jumping after a 4 year absence. Back wheel no longer spins freely due to the severly buckled rim :? and the front brakes are so touchy that a slight tweak sends me over the bars :shock:

    Great fun.
  15. another alchemy?? my sister has one, it was the only halfway decent racer she could find that fit her properly (shortarse) and she's never seen another one since :LOL:
  16. Early TCR 1 ultegra.
    Trek 1220 105
    Old Bates custom suntour.

    Bits and pieces inc most of a Track bike.

    Looking for a good skills front suspension mountain bike.
  17. i have a twelve year old shogun trail breaker lol its been sos utterly flogged but its a good bike-used 2 be my dads hahaha. yeah severely buckled rear rim so bad that it goes bump bump wen i ride it and ive had 2 disconnect the rear brake aswell so that she spins!

    still goin...
  18. 1996 Colnago titanium road bike with campagnolo Record group set. Plus the spare tyre around my waist due to not getting out on the bike enough.
  19. 2005 Norco Dr Dew with upgrades to drivetrain (Commuter weapon.)
    52 tooth big ring
    Sram X.9 11 - 26 cluster
    Sram X.9 shifters and rear mech
    2000 Giant XTC AC1 with many and varied bits and pieces changed. Looks stock enough but is not.
    Lots of fun off road.
  20. A couple of Trek's and an Airborne Titanium