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soooo rice doesnt crawl...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. :shock: Went home cooked a wicked rice & tuna number, scoffed it down and washed the pot. Noticed in my haste I had dropped couple of grains fo rice on the bench... no biggie wiped them up carried them over to the bin and dropped them off.

    Made a quick ice coffee turned around and for no reason started staring at a rice grain on the floor so I'm a little messy bah. Quick drink look back its gone. :shock: WTF? Downed the last of my coffee and wanter over to see a maggot crawl out of the gap on the lid.... :tantrum: barrf...

    So I'm off teh rice for the moment... and no more chicken bones in the bin...
  2. Thanks. Needed that.
  3. :LOL: ! Yes there GROSS arent they! :sick:

    Remeber not to leave food around next time!

    :eek: i wonder what the waste tip would be like ! :LOL: :sick:
  4. When i was younger, we used to have boiled rice in Milk with Sugar. Yummy!!!!

    This one time (at band camp....only joking) after I had downed the bowl of rice, we noticed that the container of rice was moving. Weavels. Spew!!!!
  5. Bwaahaaa!!! :LOL: :LOL:
    Wardie I bet all of that rice you ate was maggots!!!! :shock:
    (That will teach you for stirring me up in the other thread! :twisted: )
    Karma, my friend, karma :wink:
  6. well i had a glass of cordial LACED with ants in it... lid was left off the bottle... ants went to investigate....i poured meself a drink and no realizing until the last minute.... :( it was just getting dark, lights weren't needed, but was dark enough for me not to see these black critters :(
  7. Ever stepped on them? They sound like your walking on rice bubbles when your on a tiled floor :LOL: :LOL:

    Shudder.... the memories, bare foot - Yuck! :shock: :LOL:
  8. EWWWW! LoL
  9. Hee-hee. I am a vet nurse...if you saw some of the places i have seen maggots you wouldn't eat anything for a year!
    Maggots LOVE dirty dog bums! I once had a dog come in with maggots crawling out of it's eyes! When we anaesthetised it and clipped the hair away it had maggots crawling out of it's ears and numerous holes in it's head. the poor thing was being eaten from the inside out!
  10. Gawd daaam. :shock:

    But thanks for the laugh!! [​IMG]

    Ewwwwww. Toooo much info darls.
    * MG spews all over BM's head * [​IMG]

  11. MG wrote-
    Hee-hee! Love that reaction MG!
    My favourite thing is to tell 'work stories' around the dinner table! :shock: (Saves on the food bill :LOL: :LOL: )
    You learn to lose all inhibitions working in my profession- I could tell you a really gross artificial insemination story....... :shock:
    Anyone up for a little story over breakfast?? :LOL: :p
  12. My family calls Milo 'maggots' now, after a disturbing incident :shock:
  13. they're very nutritious... really

    like miniature witchety grubs.... nothing at all like chicken
  14. Depending on the maggot. Some only eat dead flesh not live healthy flesh unless of course you are talking about the dog having been riddled with the screw worm maggot.

    It was determined that the maggots of the blowfly (Lucilia sericata), not the pathogenic housefly (Musca domestica) or the damaging screw worm fly (Cochliomyia hominivorax), were the beneficial maggots discovered during the Civil War. The adult female blowfly was attracted to decaying flesh in which to deposit her eggs. Within only hours, the eggs hatched into maggots, which began to crawl and feed only upon the dead tissue, and excreting a substance beneficial to healing.
  15. All this talk about maggots....what the hell is wrong with u people?! :shock:
  16. You are quite right vic- the flesh that was being eaten from the dog was dead...but the dog itself was very much alive... it actually walked into the clinic (whilst being eaten from the inside out!)
  17. I used to work with a guy who'd go to this cafe for lunch every day and get one of the pre-prepared foccacia/lepinja type sammiches. This one day he takes a few bites and notices something kinda white with a very slightly tinged green head moving around in the sandwich. They were only tiny little buggers but to this day, thinking of them and how close he was (if not that he ATE some) still makes my skin crawl :p
  18. Hey a maggot thread on NR- who'd have thunk it???? :p
    Wardie started a thread about maggots and now he's just sitiing back with his popcorn laughing! :LOL:
  19. Try coming home home to find a dead and decomposing body(my dad) in your kitchen covered in maggots and a house full of blow flies and a two inch thick carpet of dead blow flies :shock:
    No wonder he wouldn't answer the bloody door :roll: