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Soooo Frustrating !

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by KharmaKazi, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. i bought Chinese fairings back in early April for my bike from a local Aussie seller "distributor"
    i received them within 1 month of order which i was pretty happy with as they had to apparently be made and sprayed and then be sent from China.

    now i wasn't expecting them to be as good as the originals on my bike as i had done quite a bit of research on them.

    upon opening and fitting them i found the paint to be pretty bad, especially on some parts.
    there was also a broken tab on the front piece that connects to one side too so it doesn't attach to the side either and leaves a pretty big gap "dangerous"

    iv'e had back and forth communications with the Aussie distributor and taking and sending numerous photos etc.
    and they agreed to replace them parts for me.
    since then on one side of the bottom bits of the fairing which covers the exhaust has also distorted from the heat because of them doing a dodgy install of the heat shielding and using bits and pieces of heat shield and not covering the full area.
    so they agreed to replace them parts too.

    the tank cover has solvent boil/pop all over it from too much solvent being used in the paint.
    "they advertise premium paint on the website"
    i have been more than fair with them and said they only need to replace one piece of the tank cover
    "it's a two piece cover" as iv'e already replaced the front piece with a carbon fibre shroud.
    there is a pretty bad paint run in the rear fender, but i said don't worry about replacing that.
    i also asked them to not put any heat shield on the bottom bits as i will do it myself properly with better heat shield "already bought it"

    iv'e been waiting over two months for this to happen, and finally tonight after him finally getting back to me, he's very slow to reply to me emails, sometimes at least a week or no reply at all.

    i'm now told they stuffed up again and put heat shield on "which is an worse job than the original ones i received"
    so more of a delay, and they have also made and painted the wrong piece of the tank cover.
    i haven't been able to install my tank pads i bought 3 months ago because of this also.

    i have been more than patient with this guy, but it's starting to wear thin now...

    this is a pic i received tonight of the bottom bits with the heat shield attached.
    now am i being too fussy or is that dodgy ??? i know from looking at it already that it will distort again from the heat.

    thumbnail_S20160406-608-RE Philip (4).

    this a pic of the original front surround too, not smoothed off properly and bad paint :

    Bad Paint Front1.

    sorry for the long post but needing to vent...
  2. Buy Chinese shit and that's what you can expect. Do all the holes line up? That's another common complaint.
  3. Yeah it's pretty dodgey. But again, you can't pay for rubbish and expect Japanese quality. The cost of OEM fairings on R1's in particular is frightening though.

    The thing about those Chinese fairings is that the quality is not there on average, sometimes they're a bit hit and miss, but because of this sometimes (rarely, but it does happen...) you get a hit, and you've saved heaps of money for a product that is actually very quality. I tend to avoid Chinese products as much as I can though, too many misses for me.
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  4. the main reason i went with this mob is they advertise "Exceptional paint finish" i certainly didn't get that !
    they were also a bit more expensive than the average Chinese fairings too @ $850 so i thought they may have been better.

    i guess the info on the website suckered me in :(

    "fast delivery 30 days" that was correct, but to get the replacement parts has been a joke and this bloke communications needs a lot of work :IE reply to your bloody emails !!!
    "highest quality, high grade plastics" they are ok
    "Exceptional paint finish" far from it
    "Accurate decals" don't know i only got a cpl and the ones on the tank cover are very cheap looking
    "our fairings will fit great" they fit ok and all holes pretty much lined up, but there are some gaps which i expected

    the other reason i used this mob was, if i had too many problems as he is an Australian dealer, i would be covered by consumer affairs "which i'm very close to ringing"

    but iv'e been trying to give him every opportunity to correct things before going through this route...

    i wasn't under the illusion that these would be great, but i expected a lot better, if they were finished off properly "smoothed off before painting they would actually not be too bad for the price...
    oh well you live and learn i suppose.

    as for Japanese stuff, when i was a kid it was always called Jap crap, so things can turn around too, just not for me so far lol :p

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  5. did you buy them through paypal or on credit card or through ebay? if so speak to them and advise that the seller is uncooperative and lodge a claim for a refund.

    word of warning though I think you have learned this - cheap price usually means cheap quality, or as they say, you get what you pay for. sorry mate but that's the way it is.
  6. to be honest Chilli, i really can't remember how i paid now i would have to look into it ? i usually try to pay things with Paypal though for that very reason.
    i'll hang in there for now and see what happens in the near future, no reply from last nights email so far again, which really annoys the crap out of me "it's not that hard to reply"

    i usually do pay more for things to get quality, but this caught me out big time. although saying that i didn't want to spend 2-$2500 on new OEM fairings either.
    i now know i should of just bit the bullet and got my originals painted white.
  7. mate sometimes you gotta take the gamble, sometimes it works, sometimes not. maybe you can negotiate a replacement set? if the distributor is nearby see if they will let you visit and pick out a set. it's worth asking especially if your communications with them so far have been polite. you can always try the Vic version of consumer affairs if all else fails. best of luck dude!
  8. unfortunately they are all made to order overseas in China mate, the bloke i dealt with is just a middle man from what i can tell "i think he's in Vic"

    from what i can tell he is trying to do the right thing and has got the replacement parts made for me, but them "in China" putting the heat shield on when i asked it not to be has thrown another spanner in the works.
    they also made the wrong tank piece cover too, which i notified him about last night "waiting to hear back about what's going to happen about that now" another delay :(

    i have been pretty polite so far, but my patients is starting to ware thin now as it's dragged out way too long now.
    he sent me pics of the parts they are replacing yesterday. but hard to tell the quality from the pics and that's how i realized the wrong tank piece has been made :(
    in my last email before he sent me pics though, i did mention that if it's not sorted asap i will have no choice to take things further IE: consumer affairs.

    i have had to use consumer affairs for a cpl of other different items from a cpl of other suppliers in the last few months after being very patient, one item i was stuffed around for 9 months "computer gear" surprising how quick they react when you get consumer affairs involved.
    but i am hoping i don't have to go down this route again with this guy.

    i'll update this thread as soon as i find out more and if i get too stuffed around too much more i will also name and shame this place in as many places i can, but same again i'm hoping not to have to do that...
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  9. Hope it's sorted soon mate. Consumers affairs is always a headache you can do without.
  10. All the forums do say to keep the heat shield from your original faring as the one supplied is always rubbish. Heat shield isn't expensive neither is removing it so that's no biggie.

    That front shroud however is truly awful. Like a really bad nose job and not acceptable IMHO.

    All the best

  11. Cheers Steve, yeah prefer not use them, but if i have to so be it. "still no reply from him again" i'll give him till monday !

    consumer affairs was actually pretty easy last time i used them, 5-10 mins on the phone, he gave me a name and reference number.
    i rang the supplier and gave them the details and i had a full refund within 24hrs...

    yep i got the heat shield to do it myself a few weeks ago NFI, just be good to get the parts now.
    that front shroud is pretty nasty hey "that's being replaced too" all the parts are checked for quality b4 they leave though lol,
    quality control must wear coke bottles i think...

    i'm starting to re-think things now and thinking to just put my original blue ones back on as they are pretty much perfect.

    the other option is to get my originals painted white as i really do like the look of the white, but that quote was $1500 including the tank. but i know it will be an awesome job...
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