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Sooo my new rear hugger goes missing in the mail....

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by robsalvv, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I recently bought a new rear hugger from a mob on ebay US, called carbon-depot. They've been great. Good line of products.

    Anyways, they ship it using USPS and I can track the item from there to here on line. Great!

    Except, it hasn't made it here. :(

    It got into customs Jan 23rd and hasn't been seen since :( (maybe Chapelle's baggage handlers are playing funny buggers again...)

    So I get onto USPS... let them know that an item is apparently lost based on their tracking info... and they ask me to tell the sender to initiate a "lost item" investigation, because I as the receiver can't. WTF??

    So I get in touch with Carbon-Depot and they get onto it right away.

    But then I ask USPS... so just how long a delay will it take before USPS initiate their own investigation for a delayed or lost delivery?

    The answer is: USPS don't intitiate their own investigations. :roll: Any lost or missing delivery enquiries must be initiated by the sender. :roll: x100

    Seems to me, that's just a totally ass about system!

    Who was that comedian who went around giving "idiot" signs?? I'd like to give one to USPS!

    Just thought I'd share.
  2. Did you put any postal insurance on it Rob?
  3. Welcome to hell.

    I've been through it albeit, it was with a power amp I had for my guitar.
    It was insured too, it took about a year before I could see the $$$ and even then I had to argue with Australia Post (I had the sender give me a signed statement saying that I am to take over the proceedings on this-) to be able to get the full insured amount.


    Good luck tho'.
  4. So it managed to land in Australia on the 23rd?
  5. Yep, that's what the tracking says.

    The sender is being awesome about it. They're gonna put a claim on against USPS and send me out another hugger... unfortunately not in time for Friday's start to touring tassy :(

    I thought we had some spewrocracys here!!

    I got another USPS email stating, and I quote "...we've done as much as we can in this instance. Please request the sender to contact our international department on...".

    I even asked them to tell me where the customs port was and I'd make the calls...

  6. 9 times out of 10 it will enter via Sydney then passed onto a domestic carrier for the trip to Melbourne.
    Who that carrier is is anyones guess.

    Perhaps Aussie post *shrug*
  7. ...USPS = Useless Service, Pathetic Support.

    I rang AusPost's customer service number and the package is on their radar. It made it to Melbourne, but there was something wrong with the address and so was earmarked to be sent back to the sender?!?!!!


    Aussie Post reckon they should be able to nab the item before it leaves Melbourne... Well, that will be one huge +1 for Aussie Post if they can manage that and get it to me this week!

    Not counting chickens yet... [-o<[-o<[-o<[-o<
  8. It probably won't help, however when i had a similar issue with bow i had shipped from the US i was told it was at such and such and would blah blah, i offered to go down with id and pick it up myself if they would be so kind as to advise them to hold it where it was. It worked and saved me another week of waiting while they buggerised around.
    Good Luck
  9. ...Auspost tried to courier deliver the hugger THIS morning! I missed the courier. The card says that it'll be available from the local post office after 9am... still not counting my chickens... [-o<

    Hell, before my phone call, the box was going back to the US... lucky I made that phone call....

    Oh, and I got another USPS email today, a proof of delivery email...

    ...Soooo that's a good thing then... that you can't locate the item, but unless the SENDER initiates an investigation, you're not going to do anything about it... :roll: ...here, have a sign...
  10. Have fun in tassy rob.me and kazz just did a lap and i found my favorite bit of road on the east coast,but mainly all roads are good just not all marked speed wise so sure go for it but not at 120% or u might have a problem :grin:
  11. So are Carbon-Depot still sending you another one???
  12. Thanks Mal! Will do. :) :cool:

    Pete... I don't think they'll send me another one... they were going to if USPS's investigation declared the item as lost... but even USPS should be able to determine that the package has found its way again...
  13. At least it got past customs, then.

    My wife was sent amongst other things, a watch from the US. Customs in Oz had opened and inspected the contents then resealed it. Missus received package. No problems. Til the sender, when talking to her asked "what did you think about the watch?". "Er, what watch?" "The watch that I sent you. It was in the parcel."

    Turns out some thief in customs decided that he or she liked the watch better than what my wife would have. She lodged a complaint with customs. An investigator came out to interview her. He couldn't promise anything, of course, but it had to be chased up.

    Years ago, a mate imported a car. In it was also a heap of spares. Got the car OK, but the spares were missing. He never recovered them.

    God only knows how much of this goes on.

    At least your hugger's in the Oz Post system, somewhere.
  14. ...like sands through the hour glass... these are the days of our lives...

    The hugger arrived. Yay. Thankyou Oz post. :) (BTW, there was nothing wrong with the address details?!????!?)


    ...how the hell it's meant to fit onto a 2002 ZX9R is beyond me!

    The auction photo shows a bunch of brackets and bits that were not included with the hugger. (Maybe they're with Martin's wife's watch??)There's no way this thing will bolt on without accessories.

    I've sent Carbon - depot an email... but there's not much they can do before Friday!

    You know, there's a lot to be said for not buying online when things go wrong.

    I'm dissapointed. :(

    I need a hug(ger) :|
  15. I demand you take that back right now. :twisted: hehehe they can be ok. at times. i guess.
  16. Cable ties and gaffer tape will make it all good ;)
  17. Sorry. Demands to take things back must be initated by the sender. Your request has been logged however.

    To assist that you in having a postive posting experience, our Complaints Handling Division has flagged your address for "preferred poster" privileges. Australia Post will fold, spindle and mutilate your mail at no extra charge. To help you keep an up-to-date file of outgoing correspondence, we'll ensure that it is returned to you, unopened, within 7 days. And your mail can be collected any time...any time your neighbours are home - because that's where the mail will be.

    BTW - I received a card in the letterbox - "your parcel can be collected from etc..." - went to collect it, there's my name in the book but where's the f'n parcel? Sorry - not our problem...I still don't know what was in the parcel..
  18. :rofl:

    Taaa Mr Chairman!

    Noice, very noice. :grin:

    Hey Chairman... you need to ask the Sender of the missing parcel to initiate a lost item investigation... oh... you don't know who it was... :?
  19. Hey Chairman - if you received a card in the mail & your names in the book (assume it was registered or such like) then I would have thought they needed to look a little harder as a card doesn't get delivered unless the parcel is in that said delivery persons hot little hands & your name shouldn't be in the book unless that said parcel arrived at the PO! If you make a complaint with your areas postal directory centre, they should chase it up (Pm me if you need more info)

    Any parcel thats not 'ordinary' mail is supposed to be traceable, from the directory centre, thro the contractor delivering it to the PO its dropped off to. And yes, some local PO's aren't always as helpful as necessary as they're just the drop-off point for parcels (which take up space!) - I've even been out the back of mine to look for my own parcels :roll:

    Hi ya Rob :) I sent a parcel to the UK - it never arrived. Forms filled in, blah blah - nothing else to be done (I hadn't insured, registered it etc) It arrived back to me some 3 months later :shock: