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Soon to join the ranks

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HellionWisp, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone. I've made the decision to get ahead of my mid life crisis and buy a motorbike. The pennies are being saved up for a purchase, all approved by the Minister of Finance and Tourism (wifey).

    Judging the second hand market I imagine I'll be amongst the army of xvs650 owners out there, the Vulcan S is also attracting my attention, and maybe there will be more of them on the market next year when I'm ready to buy - I don't know much about braking on a motorbike (can't be all that dissimilar to a pushie can it?), but ABS sounds pretty good.
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  2. Welcome! It depends what you're used to on the pushie, trying to peddle backwards won't do much good. I'd pick the Kawasaki on looks alone!
  3. Welcome to the forum. A word of caution - the acquisition of a two wheeled vehicle is highly addictive and will lead to obsessive compulsive daydreaming , spending insane amounts of money on seemingly worthless bike bling, alienation of ones spouse (who likes pillions ) and odd nodding behaviour when riding in a vehicle. You still have time to escape from its evil clutches.

    You have been warned.
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  4. Thanks Domo.

    Vented discs on a fast flatbar roadie. Very grabby breaks and they tend to lock in emergency (panicked) situations. I went over the handlebars in the early days, an event I'm keen to not replicate.
  5. welcome aboard :) cant go wrong with either the XVS or Vulcan S.
    Both have great looks and plenty of additional bling can be purchased
  6. Thanks GeorgeO. I been talking about for a couple of years, now that I've made the decision I've entered obsession mode.

    Just need the cash to buy the thing!
  7. Welcome, you wont regret it one bit :cool:
  8. Welcome to NR and the awesome world of motorbikes...

  9. Hi Hellion, and welcome to the forum!

    Are you new to motorbiking in general, or have you had a hiatus?
    Regarding braking on a motorbike - all I can say is that they have plenty of braking power to go with their weight.

    When you do your pre-learner course and your pre-provisional test (at least in NSW, anyway) - they go over braking very carefully and how to manage your braking it in a balanced way.
    If you haven't been exposed to this, there is some very good material on the internet I can point you to, to tell you more.

    Good luck on your search for your iron steed - once you start up the engine, it's all over, and there's no going back! ;)
  10. If you want the brakes set up like a pushie, unfortunately your going to have to buy a scooter. Otherwise your going to have to get used to braking with the right foot :p

    The bikes your looking at probably won't have the braking power to send you over the bars, but definitely enough braking power to lock the front and put you on your ass quick smart.

    ABS is one of those nice to haves, its in no way essential, but it has the chance of saving you when you cock it up.
  11. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  12. Ditto. :cool:

    What GeorgeOGeorgeO said!