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Soon to be Sydney rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HiWil, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Hi all!

    I've got my pre-learners booked for 2 weeks time at St Ives HART and want to start getting into the NR community.

    I used to ride bikes as a kid (I had an old Honda elsinore MR50 with a leaking carb so you had to be flat out all the time or it would flood) and I also have an electric pushy that I put together and commute on that I can get up to about 50km/h on, if its dead flat (very NOT legal) so I have a bit of experience with bikes and riding Sydney CBD streets, but my commutes getting longer and I've decided I want to start commuting on a motorbike.

    I'm thinking of getting a Honda CB125e as a learner bike because
    A. The price can't be beat at ~$1700 for only a couple of years old and with a topbox, and its naked so drops won't suck
    B. I'm in inner city anyway, I won't get above 60 so the low power and speed shouldn't be an issue
    C. New enough that mechanical issues will be few so reliability should be good (I spend too much time working on my car as is)
    Although first thing I would do would be new tubeless decent tyres

    I've still got to get all my gear too, so it looks like I will be spending an afternoon at MCAS getting helmets and boots and the rest I will probably try to score online, just me and a measuring tape...
  2. Hi Wil, and welcome to the excitement of two weeks with power.

    And on the subject of which, just be aware that 125s don't have a lot and while it may feel like a rocket to start with in a couple of months you may feel it's a bit underwhelming. If you have the budget I'd recommend you get a 250 or a different LAMS bike..
  3. welcome aboard if you are staying within city limits the 125 should be ok even for the smaller type rides but anything more consider a 250
  4. Hello and welcome to NR
  5. Hi HiWil :) Welcome!
    I'm a noob, have a honda cbr300r, I've had my l's about 2.5months and been commuting from Manly to Pyrmont every day for about 3 weeks now. I wish I had a bit more power in the bike! Get something bigger than a 125 in my very inexperienced opinion :p
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  6. Welcome to NR and I agree with everyone! Having 125cc is not great when you are on any major motorway/highway or toll road such as M4, m5, great western highway etc

    The truck may go very close up to your rear and you will feel like the wind will blow you away!

    Not to mention, power, looks etc.

    If you have $3000 get a lams bike, you won't regret it!
  7. Welcome mate! Some good instructors at St Ives!
  8. I'm hoping the 125 will be ok as I will only be going to the eastern suburbs for work, and to Brook vale at peak hour for my internship. I live in the city so every trip will either start or end there!
    I'm also hoping to get a chance to ride a cb125e at the st-ives course, so that will help me decide if I think it will be enough
  9. CB 125 is a breeze to ride! Also very economical too although this was never part of my decision making. You will know if you made the right decision fairly soon.